Would You Drink a Tea with a Name Like This?

White Monkey Paw Green Tea
White Monkey Paw Green Tea

Tea vendors sometimes think that coming up with rather esoteric names for their teas, especially their blended and/or flavored teas, helps make those products be memorable in customers minds. But do they go too far? Would you drink a tea with a truly “out there” name?

Hubby, who has quite the sense of humor, and I were discussing this one day, and he started coming up with a few suggestions:

  • “I Got Stung by a Bee While Harvesting This Tea”
  • “Do I Look Weird While I’m Sipping This Tea”
  • “Don’t Stand Too Close to Me While I Drink This Tea”

Hm, that last one is not just strange, but really makes me wonder.

So much for the made up names. Below are some real names. Which would make you say “Hey, I’ll try that!” and which would send you running in the opposite direction as fast as you could? Some of these names are traditional while others come from the minds of the tea blender/flavorer.

  • White Monkey PawNo, there are no monkey paws or other animal parts in this tea! Nor were the leaves picked off the Camellia Sinensis tree/bush by monkeys. The name is fairly traditional and refers more to the shape of the dry leaves.
  • Dragonwell — Sure this is, in the Chinese Zodiac, the Year of the Dragon, but there are no dragons here. Oh, and no wells. But there sure is delicious tea flavor.
  • Mambo Dance it up with this homage to a music that fuses Cuban and American Jazz. It blends black teas from Yunnan (cocoa-ish and smoky) and WuYi (giving a refreshing finish with a mineral quality) areas in China. Your tastebuds will be feeling jazzed all day long!
  • Blissful Relaxation We’re not talking about some state of nirvana here, but it is an herbal infusion (chamomile and lavender) that is a very suitable cuppa to calm you at bedtime or whenever you feel jangled.
  • Black Gold No crude oil (also called “black gold”) flowing here, just tasty tea. This is a blooming tea that starts with black tea leaves and adds in jasmine and marigold petals. It blooms out like an oil well geyser and provides a taste as rich as any Saudi chief.
  • Big Red Robe Doesn’t that name evoke coziness? With snow and rain and cold winds and other Winter-like weather, what could be better than snuggling in a big red robe with a cup of tea named “Big Red Robe.” Also called Da Hong Pao, this is a much sought after Chinese oolong from the area of Wuyi Shan, the birthplace of oolong, and the flavor is known for its lovely cocoa notes.
  • Ball & Chain How many of you guys out there think this means us wives? For shame! This is an oolong tea flavored with dates and marigold petals.
  • Enchanted Forest Beware of hungry wolves chasing little girls in red hooded capes carrying treats to their grandmas. If you have a hankering to go traipsing through the woods, squash it and have some of this tea instead. Mellow Sencha blends with a green mate (an herbal beverage from South America) and coconut shreds, flavoring, rose petals, and cornflower blossoms. It steeps up to a cherry/chocolate flavor and aroma, bringing enchantment to your tea time. 
  • Oriental Beauty Whether the name brings to mind the beauty of scenery or the people, this tea will lift your spirits. A darkly oxidized oolong, it mimics the fruity notes of a 2nd flush Darjeeling yet has a woodsy, spicy dry aroma that makes it perfect with spicy Indian and Moroccan dishes. Try it also with white chocolate and hazelnut truffles.
  • Ragamuffin Tea No rags. No muffins. Just a blend of Earl Grey tea with other flavors for a heavenly taste that’s great hot or iced, garnished with a slice of orange, sweetened or not. Sit back, relax, and enjoy a cuppa.
  • Cherry Oh Baby Some companies really like to give their teas silly names. Some just like to grab your attention. Which one this is you will have to decide. But first, take a sip and let the Sencha and cherry flavors excite you. There is also hibiscus, rosehip, orange peel, apple pieces, rose petals and elderberries. You’ll feel positively fruity after the first cupful.
  • The MillerMillers are great people. They grind grain into flour. But that has nothing to do with this tea, a blend of green tea and Moroccan mint that tastes refreshing whether served hot or cold. The name refers to Glenn Miller and his Swing Jazz band.
  • A Girl’s Best Friend I bet you thought it was diamonds! Nope. That’s just the Hollywood rendition. This tea is the real deal. Extra flavorful Ceylon black tea, flavored with blueberries, elderberries, and hibiscus petals.

Maybe a name can really be revealing. As always, wishing you total tea enjoyment, no matter what your tea is named!

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