10 Super Things to Toast with Tea in March

Butterfly handle teacups to help you celebrate Learn about Butterflies Day on March 14th!
Butterfly handle teacups to help you celebrate Learn about Butterflies Day on March 14th!

Fill your teacup with some tasty tea and get ready to toast some memorable occasions in March. There are the obvious ones, such as St. Patty’s Day on the 17th and the Vernal Equinox on the 20th (when the hours of daylight and darkness are equal, also marks the first day of Spring). However, as always, I bring some not-so-well-known occasions to toast.

  1. Peanut Butter Lovers’ Day — March 1st — Spread that spread on extra thick today, and use fresh baked bread and some homemade jam or preserves to make the most spectacular and celebratory PB&J ever. Be sure to have a full cup of tea handy in case the sandwich sticks to the roof of your mouth.
  2. Dentist’s Day — March 6th — Take a bite out of something firm and crunchy, like an apple, and thank your dentist. Before the advent of modern dentistry many folks lost most or all of their teeth by their mid-30s. Of course, tea is known to help out when it comes to oral health and keeping your smile bright, too.
  3. Be Nasty Day — March 8th — U-hum, that should be “Be NasTEA Day,” since we tea drinkers are never nasty. That’s the civilizing effect of tea! Steep a potful of your fave and share it with friends (or even hog it all to yourself). You will be nasTEA, but not nasty!
  4. Learn about Butterflies Day — March 14th — Yes, butterflies are free. No, we’re not talking about the movie here. This is about those flitty little things that land on anything brightly colored to see if it tastes good, and then indulging if it is, or going “ptoooieee!” and flying off if it isn’t. Butterflies have also been known to land on teacups and are quite often featured on them and other teawares. Yes, butterflies and tea are a common pairing.
  5. Ides of March — March 15th — Beware of guys wearing togas! And be sure you know who your true friends are, especially if they are named “Brutus”! If you carry along a travel mug of tea, you can offer it to them, and they will like you so much for it that they will elect you “Caesar” or something like that.
  6. Poultry Day — March 19th — This day quacks me up! (Sorry, I couldn’t resist!) So don’t be chicken and do have an egg-ceptional day! Har! Seriously, folks, tea goes great with dishes made of chicken, duck, quail, and other poultry. Anything from gunpowder to Nilgiri to Kenyan works here.
  7. Fragrance Day — March 21st — Take time to inhale the fragrance of your tea, both dry leaves and the steeped liquid. Your nose, assuming you are enjoying a premium tea, will thank you.
  8. National Goof Off Day — March 22nd — Be sure to do things in their proper order: make the tea, then goof off. Some how it doesn’t work when you try it the other way around unless you have one of those tea steeping machines that starts and stops itself.
  9. Something on a Stick Day — March 28th — Actually, corn dogs sound like the ideal thing to have here, with a nice cuppa green tea.
  10. I Am in Control Day — March 30th — Yes you are, and it’s all due to tea. The very process of making tea requires control, and the more you do tasks needing this control, you will feel and be more in control. (Now, if I could only control how often I use the word “control”!)  

You’re all set for March now. Steep up a few potfuls and toast these and other special days this month. It gives you something to do in-between sips!

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