How Crafty Can You Get with a Teapot?

Teapot usage swells and wanes over the years. The advent of the teabag has seemingly relegated these steeping wonders to the back of the cupboard in favor of your favorite sturdy mug, especially when you’re going for a quick cuppa. Still, the teapot inspires those among us with an affinity for turning one thing into another. So I have to ask: How crafty can you get with a teapot? It turns out that there are folks out there who can get pretty crafty indeed!

Teapots Make Me Smile earrings
Teapots Make Me Smile earrings

Putting Old Teapots to New Use

A big area of craftiness with teapots is turning them into something else. I knew someone years ago who said he could turn just about anything into a lamp (and thus I kept him away from my vases and other objects). Well, teapots and teacups and even saucers would be no challenge to him at all. In fact, teapot lamps are quite the thing it seems.

Other possibilities I have seen:

  • teapot lids (no idea what they did with the rest of the teapot) being turned into place name holders for a formal tea party,
  • teapots without lids being used as the basis for floral centerpieces (oh, that’s where the rest of the teapots went!),
  • a teapot birdfeeder, lid included, for your feathered friends to create a scene to amuse you while you take tea, and
  • teapots filled with wax and weighted wicks to serve as candles (not sure how practical this is)

Using an Image of a Teapot

This area is wide open. From aprons, hand towels, and potholders to jewelry and artworks, teapots as decorative elements abound. Some of the cute ones I found online are:

  • Hair clips with foam handmade teapots glued on to one end to give your hairstyle a bit of extra appeal
  • Earrings proclaiming “teapots make me smile”, just a subtle hint to those around your to get steeping
  • A cardboard teapot costume for your child to wear while singing “I’m a Little Teapot”

I also came across someone selling a piece of cross stitchery of a teapot with the word “hospitality” above it that you can make into something crafty.

The Teapot Design Becomes a Craft

The Craft Alliance (CA) in University City has their 13th biennial teapot exhibit opening March 9th, 2012, and will be focused on hot tea. Makes sense as the exhibition is partially underwritten by The Republic of Tea. An assemblage of 50 artists will examine the teapot from all crafty angles, including ones turned out of wood, ones shaped from slabs of clay, and even some made of metal, glass, and fiber.

One Final Item

Every one knows that tea without treats is all wet – ba dum bum! So what is more natural than this Oreo Necklace or this Oreo Keychain from Crafty Teapot Creations? Mmmmmmm! Crafty!

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