Working with Chari-Tea

What better way to build your tea business than to collaborate with an organisation or a movement whose value­s your tea company identifies with.  Here are just a few ways a tea business can work with charitea.

DisabiliTEA High Tea 105
DisabiliTEA High Tea 105

Monetary Donation
When a natural disaster occurs such as the Japanese earthquake and tsunami what was wonderful about tea companies around the world, was that they donated a percentage of tea sales.  Some companies donated a percentage of sales or profits for a fixed period and some donated a percentage of sales or profits for specific teas.

Donation of Time
Donation of time is much appreciated by chariteas raising awareness for a specific event or cause.  I have been invited to talk about tea as part of fundraising events or annual social gatherings to bring volunteers together as a way of saying thank you.   Other ways to help is to volunteer for the event on the day.

Donation of Tea
Many tea companies donate tea or teaware to a cause or event.  The charitea can then use the teas on the day to make cups of tea and use the products to sell cups of tea as part of the fundraiser.

Fundraising with a Tea Event
A Tea event can be a combination of all the above: donation of time, product, and/or a sales or profit donation although organising a morning tea (a popular ritual in Australia, equivalent to the British tradition of “elevenses”) or a High Tea is extremely popular although it can be time consuming.  Here are some tips to help save time and energy when organising such an event:

  • Find a business owner who can donate a venue if you’re not a tearoom owner.
  • Find a company or companies who can donate foods and desserts.
  • Appeal to other businesses for gift donations and have a raffle as part of the fundraiser.
  • Treat the charitea event like any other event for your business and use marketing techniques to attract attendees for example a flyer drop, direct marketing, a press release for the local press and radio, email marketing and use of Social Media.
  • Appeal for plenty of volunteers to help on the day but give them specific roles.

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One thought on “Working with Chari-Tea

  1. Great article! I organised a “chari-tea” event with May King to raise funds for my China Moon Bear Rescue Challenge and it was a smashing success! Not only did was raise over $1,000 but all event attendees came away with a greater awareness of how to make the proper cup of tea and the benefits of different types of leaves. I can highly recommend a tea party as a fundraiser – you have fun as well as raise money for your charity! [link removed per company policy]

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