Tea and the “Honey Do” List

In many U.S. households, the guy takes care of certain things and the gal takes care of certain things. Not saying I agree with this, but to each his/her own. Over the years the phrase “‘Honey Do’ List” has come to refer to the guys’ list — things like fixing drawers that stick, replacing rotting wood railings on the front porch, or cleaning leaves out of the gutters. You are probably wondering what role tea plays in all of this, and you would be right to do so.

Barrys Tea Gold Blend
Barrys Tea Gold Blend saves the day!

Let me illustrate:

Hubby is busy handling the “honey do” task of removing support posts on the front porch railing that are rotted, cutting new posts to fit, putting them in place, and nailing them in. Rip… saw… hammer… swear (thumb got in way of hammer head)… hammer some more… then silence. I wait. Still silence. So, I poke my head out the front door.

“How’s it going?”

“Fine.” Hubby didn’t sound too convincing and was eyeing the thumb that had been pounded mercilessly yet unintentionally.

“Do you need anything?” (I was thinking he would say “A new thumb”, but his response was a smile bringing surprise.)

Hubby looked up at me, wearing that “take pity on me” expression, and said, “Get me a cuppa Barry’s Tea. Quick!”

A bit startled, it took me a few seconds to snap to and get into action. “Tea coming up,” I finally said and popped back inside the house to put the kettle on. Barry’s is a favorite in our house, and as such, it is always in plentiful supply in the tea pantry. Within minutes the tea was steeped, poured into the mug, and had just the right amount of milk and sweetener added to bring out the richness of its flavor. I presented it to hubby as one might present that special dish that takes hours to prepare or even a golden bowl full of precious gems.

“Here’s your cuppa Barry’s!” I proclaimed.

“Oh, thank goodness,” hubby said, taking the mug gently in hand lest any of that precious liquid be spilt. Then, he took a big, big gulp. “Ah!” Then, another big, big gulp. “Ah! Thanks, sweetie, I’m ready to finish this job now, thanks to that tea!”

The sounds of his labors resumed. Rip… saw… hammer… and so on. Soon, the task was done, and hubby was able to cross it off that “honey do” list. No worries, though, since there are always plenty of tasks to add to that list. Thankfully, we are well stocked with Barry’s!

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