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What to Do with Broken Teapots

Tea Pot Wind Chime
Tea Pot Wind Chime

I remember going to South Carolina to complete one of the levels to my STI certification class a couple of years ago and, after the study class, I thought I’d venture into the town. There I came across an arts and craft market.  I love to browse arts and crafts markets, admiring the beau-tea of the designer’s works, be it clothes, photography, textiles, or art.  One particular stall caught my eyes as the designer had recycled broken teapots into pieces of jewellery, jokingly telling me that a necklace I was admiring is a broken teapot from the Ming Dynasty.  She had a very cheeky smile.  Unfortunately, my budget was blown on tea on that trip, so I didn’t make a purchase, but it did get me thinking, how else could a teapot be reused?

I popped into a Garden Centre a few months ago and you can imagine my tea-lation when I came across this beau-tea-ful wind chime shown at right.  The owner, it turns out is also the creator of this little gem who created the wind chime one day because she was bored.  She created several of them and they all sold out.  I love the sound the wind chime makes when the wind brushes gently past the teaspoons and the sun light catches on the crystal baubles. 

A broken teapot would definitely not look out of place in a garden with a plant potted in it or herbs or flowers.  This final picture has been shared with me with many of my Facebook friends and is guaranteed to make me smile.  What better way to make use of one or several teapots? 

Broken teapots care of www.greenrenaissance.co.za
Broken teapots care of http://www.greenrenaissance.co.za

Have you given a broken teapot a new lease of life and if so, how? Leave a comment here with your story!

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