Joining the “Save the Teapot” Campaign

Intrepid tea reporter Bill Lengeman mentioned in a recent article the campaign to save the teapot, that is, to show tea drinkers everywhere that nothing surpasses the teapot when it comes to producing a superb cuppa! Now, I’m joining that campaign by promoting the superior steeping power and civilizing effect of using a teapot. My buddy, Little Yellow Teapot, agrees!

Sam Remo Teapot Rainbow!
Sam Remo Teapot Rainbow!
Why steep in anything else?
Why steep in anything else?

Sales of teapots are about half of what they were five years ago while sales of mugs (and not just the souvenir kind) have tripled during that same period. Hm, something is truly up here. Could it be that “the lazies” has kicked in and folks can’t be bothered to steep in a teapot? Are teabags to blame (fill the mug with hot water and plop in a teabag)? A company in the UK called Debenhams, which has a chain of cafés and restaurants, has launched the Campaign for Civilised Tea Drinking where they only serve tea to their customers in a teapot, with a cup and saucer on the side for the actual tea drinking. This, they say, is “the traditional British way to take [tea].” Debenhams’ Head of Home Design, Alison Hill is quoted as saying, “‘Tea served in a pot has always been a feature of British life — it’s as famous as theTower ofLondon or Big Ben.’”

Brown Betty Teapot - 6 Cup
Brown Betty Teapot - 6 Cup

To honor that tradition, buy a simple teapot or even a fancy one. Hundreds of teapots in all shapes, sizes, styles, colors, and price ranges abound. The hardest part will be to choose just one. Of course, if you can’t decide, buy several. A nice Brown Betty Teapot is always a good starting point, or an Amsterdam or San Remo teapot — they are both pretty economical and come in a full array of colors. A basic white or basic black teapot will coordinate with whatever you have in the way of teacups and dishwares. You can also choose from ceramic, bone china, cast iron, glass, stainless steel, silver, stoneware, and Yixing clay. Designs range from classy to silly to simple.

My buddy Little Yellow Teapot, with his trusty custom-made tea cozy ever at his side, is going to be the symbol of my personal efforts in this campaign. As such, he wanted to wear a little “super teapot” cape but finally decided to stick with his very manly necktie.

How manly!
How manly!

Join Debenhams and Little Yellow Teapot in the campaign on Facebook or on Twitter using the hashtag #savetheteapot.

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4 thoughts on “Joining the “Save the Teapot” Campaign

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  3. Judy Trapp

    I don’t twitter, or blog and I’m not on facebook but I do want to be a part of the campaign to Save the Teapot”. My little Grandson isn’t into neckties too much but he sure would love Yellow Teapot’s super cape! Thanks for your writting.Judy

    1. A.C. Cargill

      Hi, Judy, you can participate in the save the teapot campaign simply by using a teapot when steeping your tea! As for the cape, we tried one on Little Yellow Teapot, but he said it interfered with his steeping duties! 😉

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