Recent and Upcoming Tea Books

It’s been a while since our last roundup of tea books, but that doesn’t mean that the flow of said books has abated. Here are a few titles that have just come out or are on publisher’s calendars for upcoming months. Half of the eight titles mentioned take a look at China’s connection to tea and tea culture in some way or another. Which is fitting, given that the Chinese have the world’s oldest tea culture, are the world’s top tea producing nation and the world’s top tea drinkers, in terms of total quantity consumed.

More books about tea coming every day!
More books about tea coming every day!

All the Tea in China is hardly an original title, by any stretch of the imagination. If you do a quick check online you’ll see that it’s been used (verbatim or with slight variations) several times for books about tea and in numerous other cases for novels and books on other topics. All of which didn’t stop author Wang Jian from appropriating it for his All the Tea in China: History, Methods and Musings. If that’s not enough on Chinese tea for you, then be sure to reserve a copy of Luo Jialin’s forthcoming The China Tea Book, which promises to cover “everything from the leaves to the pervasive culture they spawned.”

Bearing the rather simple title Chinese Tea, Tong Liu’s upcoming volume will provide “a fascinating insight into the ancient culture of Chinese tea, the trade, tradition, literature, philosophy and ceremony associated with tea in China and its popularisation around the world.” Last but not least of the books about China and tea is one that’s not exclusively about tea. It’s a historical tome by Eric Jay Dolin called When America First Met China: An Exotic History of Tea, Drugs, and Money in the Age of Sail.

For the crustless sandwich crowd there are a few upcoming volumes that are worth noting. There’s Susan Cohen’s rather specialized London’s Afternoon Teas: A Guide to London’s Most Stylish and Exquisite Tea Venues. Also on the schedule, Traditional Afternoon Tea, by Martha Day, a recipe collection that comprises “a delicious collection of teatime treats.”

HOB Tea Cozy - Cheetah Design
HOB Tea Cozy - Cheetah Design

How wild can a tea cosy be? You might seek the answer to that immortal question in Loani Prior’s Really Wild Tea Cosies. Prior is the author of several other books on tea cosies and if you happen to see one you like you can make it yourself (that’s assuming that you know how to knit). Last up in this particular roundup is Agony of the Leaves, a fictional outing by Laura Childs. It’s lucky number 13 in her popular series of tea shop mysteries.

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  1. Thanks for mentioning my book — When America First Met China. If any tea bloggers want to review the book, please contact me via [link removed per blog policy], and include info about your blog, and your address. To see the book video trailer for the book, see [link removed per blog policy]. Thanks.

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