Tea Moments — Filling (Not Pushing) the Vacuum

Life in our modern times, with all of its labor-saving gadgets, is a busy one, sometimes even a whirlwind. Even so, every now and then we just seem to run out of things to do — our lives develop a bit of a vacuum. Why not fill that vacuum with a quiet tea moment?

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A vacuum is nothingness and something that nature abhors, according to Aristotle. When this vacuum is the gap in your day between things you have to do, such as getting up and getting dressed and, say, lunchtime, this, too, can be abhorrent. When that emptiness strikes your tummy and at the same time your teapot, this is really abhorrent. Quick thinking and actions, however, will save the day!

How to Have a Quick Tea Moment

Keep hot water on hand at all times. When I first met hubby, he always had hot water in a pot in the kitchen. At that time it was just to drink, not to use to steep tea. You, however, can use it for tea preparation at a moment’s notice. Now, I know there are those who think that the only good water for tea is that which is freshly heated to the proper steeping temperature. Some think that the water loses oxygen. I am of the mind that this is not chemically sensible, that water when heated does not necessarily lose oxygen in relation to hydrogen. So, there should be no problem with using water that is kept hot. That’s my theory, anyway. And it seems to be shared by some automatic brewer makers, where hot water is stored for instant use.

Keep your favorite tea nearby. If you use (ugh!) bagged teas, be sure to always have some teabags in an airtight container close by the hot water container. If you use loose teas, you will want to have a small container of it ready to keep the tea leaves fresh until you toss them into your teapot.

Keep that stash of tea time treats ready. Whether it’s cupcakes, pie, fresh fruit, carrot sticks, or some of those adorable finger sandwiches, having a ready-to-eat batch of them within snatching distance of the teapot saves time when diving into your tea moment.

Keep your tea time quiet. Speaking of vacuums, unplug yours for a little peace and quiet at tea time. You can suck the dirt and dust up out of those carpets later. And no mops or brooms or dusters either!

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3 thoughts on “Tea Moments — Filling (Not Pushing) the Vacuum

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  2. A.c, nice story, like always from your hand,
    i wished i could write like you my dear.
    i guess you are serious about the boiling water?i was and are still in doubt weather water can loose oxigen [if there is any oxigen in it] by letting it to the simmer or boil softly
    do you know the real story?
    keep on writing

    1. A.C. Cargill

      Hi, Bart, the issue of water losing oxygen if it boils too long or reheated to a boil is one that pops up here and there. I and others have searched online and found nothing to support this. If you find anything, please let us all know. Thanks. 🙂

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