10 Super Things to Toast with Tea in May

Fill your teacup with some tasty tea and get ready to toast some memorable occasions in May. There are the obvious ones, such as Mother’s Day on the 13th and Memorial Day on the 28th. However, as always, I present some not-so-well-known occasions to toast.

A nice hot cuppa Borengajuli Estate with milk and sweetener goes great with macaroons on Macaroon Day (May 31st).
A nice hot cuppa Borengajuli Estate with milk and sweetener goes great with macaroons on Macaroon Day (May 31st).
  1. Lumpy Rug Day — May 3rd — Lumpy rugs are caused by any number of things. Loose padding bunched up underneath. No padding and the rug bunched up from being walked on. That slipper you’ve been looking for underneath it. A cat napping under it. And so on.
  2. National Tourist Appreciation Day — May 6th — If you own a tea room or a gift shop (especially one that sells souvenir tea mugs), tourists are your bread and butter. So, show them a bit of appreciation today — possibly a bit of a discount or some free tea samples.
  3. No Socks Day — May 8th — We’re talking about the kind you wear on your feet, not the kind that you do with your fist. This is a great day for beach lovers where no socks are needed for those long walks. Bring along your travel mug full of tea.
  4. Eat What You Want Day — May 11th — Sure, there’s all this talk nowadays about eating healthy foods, but for this one day throw all that aside and dig in to whatever foods you want. They will all taste better with tea, and since tea can be a help to those wanting to lose weight, you won’t blow your diet too badly!
  5. Dance Like a Chicken Day — May 14th — Not sure what dancing like a chicken is, but if you do, today is the day to do it. I, for one, will just sit and watch and sip my tea.
  6. No Dirty Dishes Day — May 18th — You’re probably thinking, “How do I make tea without getting some dishes dirty?” Option 1: Prepare your tea time treats the previous day and put them in things that don’t need to be washed, like plastic baggies and cups. Option 2: Go out for tea and let them get their dishes dirty.
  7. National Memo Day — May 21st — Memos are sometimes seen as the bane of the office worker’s existence, since they are often used to convey some new restrictive policy. “All employees will refrain from making personal phone calls during business hours.” “As of the date of this memo, tea will no longer be available in the break room.” That last one is really scary! Don’t worry, though, for some memos can be very good, like this one: “Only the best, most premium teas will be served in the office break room from now on.” Ah, now that’s a memo to celebrate!
  8. Lucky Penny Day — May 23rd — You’ve heard the saying “A penny saved is a penny earned,” but these days it seems that a penny doesn’t count for much. However, they can be quite lucky, especially when you consider that most teas only cost a penny or two per cupful. Or you can save up those pennies for a really special tea such as an ancient pu-erh.
  9. Tap Dance Day — May 25th — There have been some great tap dancers through the ages, such as Gene Kelly, the ever cute Shirley Temple, Ann Miller, and Gregory Hines. Put one of their movies on and watch it with a nice pot of tea.
  10. National Macaroon Day — May 31st — These little coconut delights are perfect at tea time, so take some time today to have some macaroons with your tea. I tend to go for some Borengajuli Estate with milk and sugar, but you could keep it light with a nice cup of a green tea such as Dragon Pearls.

You’re all set for May now. Steep up a few potfuls and toast these and other special days this month. It gives you something to do in-between sips!

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