Tea, Variety, and the Spice of Life

Gyokuro Japanese Green Tea
Gyokuro Japanese Green Tea

“Variety’s the very spice of life,” or so said the English poet William Cowper, which is a name that probably doesn’t turn up in many reading lists nowadays. And while I wouldn’t have much problem choosing black tea as my favorite of the six main types (black, green, oolong, white, yellow, puerh), I have to admit that it’s not long after I start in on a new batch of black tea that I start longing for something else – like green tea.

Which is undoubtedly my second favorite type of tea. I’m also rather fond of the lighter, more delicately flavored varieties of oolong, but I have yet to be converted to the alleged charms of white tea, which to my coarse palate seems to be almost flavorless. Nor am I enamored of the overpowering punch of puerh, though I’ll freely admit that I don’t have a very wide experience of this offbeat type of tea. As for yellow tea, it’s great stuff to be sure but for most of us it’s just a little too obscure to really merit any serious consideration.

English Breakfast Tea
English Breakfast Tea

Oddly enough, I find that when I’ve had too much black tea and make the switch back over to green tea it’s not long at all before I start longing for…that’s right – black tea. And while I’m not going to trot out too many more tired clichés, I think it’s safe to say that with me and tea there is such a notion as too much of a good thing. Or is that too much of a good thing before it’s interrupted by a different type of good thing? Whatever.

I sometimes wonder if there might be a physiological reason for my craving for the type of tea that I’m not currently drinking but quite frankly I wouldn’t know how to go about researching such an issue. About the only idea I’ve been able to come up with is that there’s something that heavily processed black tea supplies that green tea doesn’t and vice versa.

But for now that will have to remain a half-baked theory and besides, I’m really quite content to keep flip flopping back and forth between different types of tea. If I may close with one last cliché, the more the merrier.

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