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Mothers Celebrated with Tea

Celebrating Mother’s Day varies from one country to another. Here in the U.S. it’s in May and is a big event where we give special recognition to moms, both those who stay at home and those who work outside of the home (either due to economic necessity or the desire to pursue something more). Whichever one applies to your mom, help celebrate her hard work with tea!

Mother's Day Traditional British Flavour Tea Gift Basket
Mother’s Day Traditional British Flavour Tea Gift Basket

Some people say that raising children is one of the most important jobs there is. Whether or not you agree, you can surely agree that it is one of the hardest, going 24/7 and 365 days a year for many, many years. Amazingly, the concept of Mother’s Day has only been around since 1872 when Julia Ward Howe proposed it more as a way to celebrate the end of the War Between the States (the Civil War). Before then the celebration was considered secular and therefore was discouraged. The ball didn’t really get rolling on Mother’s Day until the early 1900’s, though.

Treating Mom to a Spa Day is one option. Another popular idea is breakfast in bed. However, nothing beats tea. It stimulates and soothes and can be enjoyed both at the Spa and with that breakfast. And there is such a wide array of gift baskets in themes ranging from gardening to golfing to getting some relaxation time, that you will be sure to find one that conveys just the right sentiment.

Of course, you can go a step beyond the gift basket by steeping up a pot of tasty tea and preparing a wonderful meal to accompany it. There are lots of possibilities here, so you will want to base the menu on what your mother likes and pick a tea to go with those foods.

A few options:

  • Mexican feast and a black tea with a strong flavor such as Assam or Ceylon.
  • A fish fry served up with a Chinese green tea such as Chun Mee or Gunpowder, a Ceylon green tea, or even a fine oolong such as Ti Kuan Yin.
  • Fried chicken and fixins along side a pot of Kenyan or Nilgiri black tea.
  • Baked ham feast with some Dragonwell green tea.
  • Spinach and cheese quiche (there is even a crustless version that is gluten free and has fewer calories) with a wonderfully fresh tasting Japanese Sencha.

That should get your brain to percolating and coming up with the perfect idea to show your mom how much you care. Have a great day!

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2 responses to “Mothers Celebrated with Tea”

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  2. You bring tea to its rightful standing, right up there with wine, as a refined accompaniment for a good feast, one that demands careful selection, taste and decorum. A good tea, a good feast, good friends or just a book. Personally, I would opt for that over a day at the spa.

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