A Challenge to Your Normal Tea Time Ebullience

Tea time should be relaxing, stimulating, and help you prepare to resume the challenges of your day. It doesn’t always work out that way. Achieving the necessary ebullience is sometimes not possible.

According to my Oxford English Dictionary:

ebullience – noun – enthusiasm, exuberance, a boiling up as of liquid (figurative)

Since boiling — water, that is — is part of tea time, and since enthusiasm and exuberance often are, we find that referring to tea time ebullience is a natural. The mystery is why more often than would be desirable it is sadly lacking.

Start with a quality tea like Earl Grey Cream Metropolitan Blend to keep that tea time ebullience!
Start with a quality tea like Earl Grey Cream Metropolitan Blend to keep that tea time ebullience!

The obvious culprit would seem to be the tea. Starting off with a poor quality tea or the wrong tea for the occasion is akin to doing your own hair and makeup for the Prom (been there — don’t ask!). In other words, some things are too important to leave to chance. Select your tea with care, as opposed to grabbing the first container out of the tea pantry. You can go for an old favorite like Earl Grey or a new taste experience such as a pu-erh or a Japanese Houjicha. The old favorite, as long as it is a quality version, will be familiar on your tastebuds, while the new tea venture will add that flair of excitement and adventure and as long as it’s a quality version will not disappoint.

Other factors that can throw a-kilter that ebullient feeling at tea time include water that takes forever to boil, scones that don’t rise, clotted cream that’s too clotted (eww!), and peach jam that is fuzzy (and I don’t mean peach fuzz — double eww!). Having something bad happen during the tea time can throw things off, too. From solicitous and unwanted phone calls hawking life insurance or an upgrade to your phone service to that knock on the door from the cable TV guy wanting to know why you are preferring satellite TV — the timing of each seems less than impeccable.

Finally, if you are planning a tea time with a certain someone and that certain someone is unable to attend at the last minute (or absentmindedly forgets), it can put quite a damper on that ebullience. Some reasons for the no-show cannot be overcome, such as acute appendicitis or a surprise meeting with the boss for that big promotion your would-be tea time guest has been working toward for years. So, find out the reason for the absenTEAism before getting too upset!

There is a saying that the first step to prevention is knowledge. Hopefully, you now have what you need to prevent that fizzled feeling at tea time. Here’s wishing you a true state of ebullience as you sip!

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