10 Super Things to Toast with Tea in July

July is the month that we celebrate declaring our independence from the British Empire. We’re allies now and share a love of tea and of strange foods like meat pasties, and even have the same flag colors (red, white, and blue). But July is also chock full of other occasions that deserve a tip of the teacup in recognition. Here are ten of them to get you started.

Nude tea! Taste every drop as you celebrate National Nude Day on July 14th!
Nude tea! Taste every drop as you celebrate National Nude Day on July 14th!
  1. Creative Ice Cream Flavors Day — July 1st — Tea seems to be one of the flavors getting into ice cream these days, so it seems fitting to toast ice cream in general with some tasty tea.
  2. World UFO Day — July 2nd — The mystery has been solved. Residents from other planets come to Earth for one thing: tea!
  3. Cheer Up the Lonely Day — July 11th — What could be better for cheering folks up than a nice hot pot of tea (or even a big pitcher of iced or sweet tea) and some cookies or cakes? Of course, including some chocolate in the menu is always sure to put a smile on your guests’ faces.
  4. National Nude Day — July 14th — Drink your tea nude — that is, leave out any milk, sugar, fruits, spices, flower petals, or other flavorings. You’ll find that that nude tea has a wealth of flavors all on its own.
  5. Cow Appreciation Day — July 15th — Time for us to say “Thanks!” to those udderly delightful cows for the milk that many of us like to put in our tea. It is an essential ingredient in bubble tea and masala chai as well as stronger black teas (saving our tastebuds and tummies from those tannins). Milk also makes heroes of the cream pitchers.
  6. Yellow Pig Day — July 17th — A nice yellow ceramic pig can serve as a mascot for your tea time. Or as a piggy bank so you can save up for one of those pricey teas. Or maybe a yellow pig shaped teapot to pour out that tasty tea!
  7. Ugly Truck Day – It’s a “Guy” Thing — July 20th — You guys get the blame for a lot of odd things: “man caves,” those giant foam hands people wear at sporting events, 12-foot-long submarine sandwiches, and of course those ugly trucks! No, we’re not talking about those monster trucks that star in the rallies. These “ugly trucks” are more the Jed Clampett type of trucks loaded up not necessarily with the family’s possessions as they move to Beverly Hills but more with every odd and end imaginable. Might as well throw in some really odd teawares while you’re at it.
  8. Threading the Needle Day — July 25th — Needles are those thin, round pieces of metal that are very — OW! — pointy on one end and have a loop (called an “eye”) at the other end through which you are supposed to push the end of a thin piece of fiber (cotton, polyester, silk, etc.) called “thread” (yeah, easy — not!). They are also the things that constantly get lost in haystacks and need to be found (the easiest method is a metal detector, but you could also try sitting down here and there to see if you “get the point”). You could always just leave the needles in the haystack and go have some tea!
  9. Take Your Pants for a Walk Day — July 27th — While walking your pants, stop off at the local tea room for a quick cuppa tea. Be sure to follow local leash laws and make sure your pants wear a collar with your name and address on it in case they break free and run away.
  10. Mutt’s Day — July 31st — A mutt is a critter of unknown parentage, that is, no pedigree. It’s sort of like a tea of unknown origin as opposed to those teas from particular tea estates. Mutt tea — now, there’s a thought!

You’re all set for July now. Steep up a few potfuls and toast these and other special days this month. It gives you something to do in-between sips!

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