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Prepping for the Holidays — Sweet Treats!

Some of my favorite treats are only available during the Winter Holiday Season, so in addition to stocking up for parties, I stock up for the rest of the year. (A bad case of candy withdrawal ain’t pretty.) Chocolates from England and a particularly British style of pretzels are just two of those stock-up items.

Nestle Quality Street Tin (Photo source: The English Tea Store)
Nestle Quality Street Tin (Photo source: The English Tea Store)

Nestlé Quality Street Tin

Nestlé is a brand well-known in the U.S. but that originated in Switzerland, a country known for cheese, the Alps, staunch neutrality, and, best of all, chocolate! Founder Henri Nestlé started out creating baby formula mas of cow’s milk, flour, and sugar, then started making condensed milk and cheese, and then added chocolate products to the mix. Even through two world wars, they persevered, expanding operations into several countries, including the U.S. Still, many consider their chocolates from England to be among the best. This selection presents chocolates with flavored centers, including The Purple One, Orange Creme, and The Green Triangle among other decadent flavors. They remain popular in over 50 countries worldwide. Get yours now during the holidays while quantities last. Your party guests, family, and friends will thank you!

Jacobs Twiglets Caddy  (Photo source: The English Tea Store)
Jacobs Twiglets Caddy (Photo source: The English Tea Store)

Jacobs Twiglets Caddy

Like pretzels? Like Marmite? Then check out Twiglets! They’re a savory snack that’s an 80-year-old British Institution. Twiglets are shaped, textured, and colored like small twigs, are quite crunchy, and have the flavor of marmite — an oddly addictive combination that has stood the test of time. Jacobs Twiglets are the best and have been an important part of British life for every major occasion from birthday parties to Christmas. They don’t feel greasy like crisps (chips) do and are marketed as a more “healthy” snack because they are baked, rather than fried. They go great with dips or can be an alternative to bread sticks or carrot sticks. Try them dipped in cream cheese or crumbled on the mashed potato topping on shepherd’s pie along with some grated cheese. Munch some while watching that football game on TV!

One tin of candies for me — one for the guests — another three tins for me and none for my guests. A package of Twiglets for me and… uh, two packages for me… mmmm… munch, chomp, gobble!

More Tasty British Treats for Now and All Year Round

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