Tea Moment — Watching the Fall Leaves Fall

Stop whatever you’re doing and take a tea moment. It’s once again time to watch the Fall leaves fall! And no it’s not akin to watching paint dry, but pretty close.

Sipping tea and enjoying those fall colors! (Photo source: A.C. Cargill, all rights reserved)
Sipping tea and enjoying those fall colors! (Photo source: A.C. Cargill, all rights reserved)

Why do leaves fall? Pretty simple: they shut down. As the days grow shorter and the angle of the Sun’s rays gets lower on the horizon, the leaves say, “Uh oh! Summer is over. Time to close up shop and split.” So, they shut off the chlorophyll and stop being green, turning instead to various colors that paint the landscape like an Impressionist madly dabbling on those golds, reds, oranges, and browns.

The leaves don’t do this all at once, but rather some get the ball rolling, so to speak, and then others start joining in. It’s sort of like a lone piccolo playing the melody line and then being joined by the string section, with the brass and percussion sections joining in a few bars later.

Sounds like that biological event of trees denuding themselves in preparation for their Winter’s nap is quite an artistic endeavor — from painters to orchestras. It certainly doesn’t seem practical from a human point of view. We tend to bundle up during cold weather and have lots of hot tea!

Speaking of hot tea, you can enjoy this seasonal arboreal wardrobe discardment while enjoying some piping hot tea, especially good if you’re in the great outdoors in a part of the world where the temps have dipped below those that are generally comfortable in mere shirt sleeves. Grab that steaming hot spiced chai, or a mug of gunpowder green tea, or even some young pu-erh (which I like steeped strong with milk and sweetener) and head outside to “leaf peep.” You can even make a bit of a game out of it, sort of like “Punch Buggy” (“Leaf falling — punch!”) or “I Spy” (“I spy with my little eye a leaf falling from THAT tree!”).

Timing is important, too, since in parts of the Northeastern U.S. leaves have already changed color and gone to their final resting place (first on the ground and then into the compost heap or into that big truck that drives along the street and sucks them up or even into the flower beds to blanket the soil and keep it warm for Spring). You might want to search online to see where the best places are to go for this particular tea moment, that is, if your own area isn’t suitably dabbled by that Impressionist or properly orchestrated by Nature.

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