Prepping for the Holidays — Chocolates Galore!

What are the holidays without chocolate? As horrid and wretched as any other day without chocolate, of course. But there are lots of special chocolates that come on the market this time of year. Time to stock up and hoard… uh, I mean, store safely so they last all year long. Here are a couple of great chocolate treats to start with.

Beech’s Milk Chocolate Brazils

Beech’s Milk Chocolate Brazils (Photo source: The English Tea Store)
Beech’s Milk Chocolate Brazils (Photo source: The English Tea Store)

Go nuts with these chocolate covered Brazil nuts. Imported from the UK for the holiday season, Beech’s Milk Chocolate Brazils are made with the finest whole Brazil nuts, covered with Beech’s milk chocolate. Some think these nuts would make a great gift for that nut-lover on your list. I say “Be greedy! Buy plenty for yourself!” Then, you can invite me over and share them with me!

Beech’s has a venerable history. Founded in 1920 in Preston, UK, by Edward Collinson, this business was in addition to his family’s tea and grocery shops and was a logical extension of them. Their reputation for quality grew and was established as a quality brand by the end of World War II. The company was bought by Yorkshire wool merchants in 1966 and acquired by Supercook brand in 1984. Renshaw Scott Group bought Beech’s in 2000, and in 2004 Beech’s became semi-private again and dedicated to returning to that high standard of quality. Chairman Andrew Whiting and Managing Director Robert White decreed that only natural color and flavorings would be used and that they would adhere to the original recipes perfected for almost a century.

Cadbury Selection Stocking

Cadbury Selection Stocking (Photo source: The English Tea Store)
Cadbury Selection Stocking (Photo source: The English Tea Store)

Christmas stockings are a true tradition, so why not one filled with chocolates! This one includes a full-size assortment of Cadbury favorites. Buy some as gifts for the kids and adults on your list and a bunch for your private stash. Each stocking includes one each of Magical Elves, Fudge, Crunchie, Dairy Milk Caramel, Dairy Milk, Flake, and Dairy Milk Buttons. Don’t hesitate, though, since only limited quantities are imported from England for the holiday season.

Cadbury’s is a brand that has been around even longer than Beech’s. Founded in 1824 by John Cadbury, a Quaker, in Birmingham, UK, the shop also sold tea and coffee, quite fitting since both beverages are great paired with chocolates. The shop also sold drinking chocolate. Thirty years later they were the official supplier of chocolates to Queen Victoria, a high honor and sign of their quality. The company went through a number of changes, including a merger with the beverage company Schweppes in 1969, and today is the largest manufacturer of confections in the world.

Don’t forget to serve up some teas with those chocolates. And hoard… uh, store some away for when these seasonal treats are not available anymore.

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