The Sweetie Knows the Sweetie Nose

Marriage is a wonderful thing made even more wonderful when interests can be shared — especially when one of those interests is tea! My sweetie hubby has certainly embraced the tea life and is as eager as I am to try a new tea. My nose is more sensitive than his, and his is more able to take some of the strong scents, serving as my stand-in when we’re sent something strongly scented (nothing like a bit of tea time alliteration).

His and Hers sipper cups. Take a sniff first! (Photo source: A.C. Cargill, all rights reserved)
His and Hers sipper cups. Take a sniff first! (Photo source: A.C. Cargill, all rights reserved)

As the TV character Adrian Monk used to say “It’s a blessing… and a curse.” Well, that is certainly true of noses. A sensitive nose can detect subtle aromas in the tea leaves. And they can pick up things that the average imbiber would not notice or even care about. But they also pick up extraneous aromas around them that need to be consciously blocked out.

Hubby is keenly aware of how my nose will be “distracted” by extraneous aromas when we’re doing a tea tasting. He very courteously refrains from enjoying some of his favorite foods on tasting days. These include green bell peppers, pizza, and even eggs, which can be the worst in terms of lingering odors.

The sacrifices spouses make for tea!

On the other hand, I appreciate my hubby’s nose and his ability to detect the overall scent of the tea without getting distracted by the extra stuff. There have also been times when he has soldiered on through a scheduled tea tasting even though he could hardly taste or smell due to a severe allergy attack. I’ve actually switched at such times to trying one of the highly scented/flavored teas instead of a subtle straight tea (one that is all tea and not extra “stuff” added in). They would be so strong that he could smell them even with the allergy flare up.

Yes, the sweetie knows the sweetie nose. I know his and he knows mine. And together we work out this tea aroma detection business. It’s important, since aroma and taste are closely aligned and both are important parts of the whole tea experience. Otherwise, we might as well just slurp some hot water!

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