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5 Ways to Make More Time for Tea

Oolong Tea (stock image)
Oolong Tea (stock image)

Those of us with a busy lifestyle may find it hard to make time for tea, especially in periods of high stress. A while back, my schedule was such that I found it hard to make time for a cup of tea here and there—a lamentable, and potentially dire situation that, thankfully, has now been resolved. Drawing on my experiences, here are some suggestions for working tea into your day, however busy you are:

1  Get up earlier. The mere thought of this may send you running in the opposite direction, but bear with me. I find making time for tea in the morning means I am more rested and collected. Sleep can be a precious entity, but I find that those extra 15 or 20 minutes to have a cup (or two!) of tea can make a big difference in making me feel ready to begin my day.

2 Keep some tea at the workplace. Keeping a small tin of your favourite tea at work (or wherever you spend most of your time out of the house) along with a simple infuser makes it easy to have a cup of tea now and then as you work away. But why stop there? I know people who keep several tins and a teapot under their desks for emergency teatimes at work…

3 Invest in a thermos. These can be useful things if you tend to rush around from one thing to the next. Taking some tea along with you means that when you do have five minutes to sit down (even if it’s while you wait for a bus) you have tea already made up and waiting to be enjoyed.

4 Relocate your tea. It might be that the location of your tea is discouraging you from putting the kettle on. To use an example from my recent situation, I spend a lot of time working in a room that is several flights up from the kitchen. At one point, all my tea was stored in the kitchen cupboard, but I realised that this arrangement meant I wasn’t making as much tea. Now a few of my teas, a teapot, and a mini electric kettle have migrated up to my work room, leaving me no excuses to brew up a pot while I’m working.

5 Commit to your teatimes. This may sound irritatingly simple, but I find that making the commitment to myself to sit down for a cup of tea makes a huge difference. It then becomes a routine rather than something you never have time for. In addition, I find that it usually makes me a lot more productive, and ready to get on with the things that I need to.

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