Tea and the Holiday Shopping List

Build a tea gift basket (Photo source: composite image)
Build a tea gift basket (Photo source: composite image)

Tea helps save your sanity while shopping — whether in actual physical stores or online — for whatever gifts are on your list. Scarf for your cousin Mike. Latest Taylor Swift CD for your sister Cassie (she’s off to college now, so Mom and Dad won’t have to listen to it). Cheese-and-crackers-and-beef-sausage gift pack for Uncle Joe. Hand-dyed scarf for Aunt Beatrice. The list seems longer and more esoteric every year. And often your choices seem the same as they did the year before.

And then there’s the Secret Santa thing that many workplaces do. How do you buy something appropriate for that guy that sits five cubicles down from you but that you hardly know and yet you and everyone else are intimately familiar with his battle with adenoids? A toughie. Mull it over while enjoying a nice cuppa cinnamon flavored tea.

One way to ease your dilemma over what to get those folks who are on your gift list every year but for whom selecting the right gift, one sure to please, gets to be more and more of a head scratcher: the tea gift basket!

I’ve written about tea baskets before and tend always to think of them as a way to satisfy a variety of needs when gifting:

  • Size can vary from the very small and simple, like a mug and a package of tea, to a large and bountiful basket full of teawares and teas and treats and maybe even a cute little stuffed critter.
  • Style and theme can vary to suit the occasion by your choice of container and decorations used. A ribbon or two (blue or pink for baby showers, red and green and gold for Christmas, etc.), a wicker basket or a tin bucket painted with the desired theme, and so on.
  • Contents can vary, from the more “basic” teas and flavored mixes with fruits, spices, and flower petals to some premium straight teas or tea blends available in small quantities and at higher prices. Chocolates, cookies, crackers, cocoa mixes, and other goodies will add a more elaborate touch.

If you’re not sure that those giftees would appreciate such a gift, maybe because they’re not tea drinkers or their preferences run to things like cherry soda and Cheetos (something I used to have all the time before discovering the wonders of tea), by all means give them a gift to suit their tastes. Otherwise, you’d be wasting good tea. But tea can still aid your gift quest. Just steep yourself a nice mugful to sip on while you cruise store sites or fill up your travel mug and take it along as you elbow your way through the crowds at the mall.

Happy shopping!

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