The Tea Truck Arrives!

Imagine a truckload of tea being delivered… (Photo source: stock image)
Imagine a truckload of tea being delivered… (Photo source: stock image)

It can always be exciting when your order of tea arrives. That box or padded envelope or other style package can seem like that genie’s lamp full of wonderful wishes come true. Just imagine how you’d feel if a whole truck full of tea were to arrive!

A little while ago, one of the writers on The English Tea Store Blog wrote about a visit from the tea fairy, describing his feeling of joy at the arrival of several tea samples. There’s a bit of magic in each one, a bit of possibility — will it be wonderful in aroma and flavor or a truly horrific experience? Either way can be an experience. But a truckload of tea is a revelation.

Of course, there are trucks and then there are trucks. From a tiny pickup truck that could barely haul a few cases of tea to a mid-sized truck that could move a teashop full of teas to a semi-truck that can move a mountain of teas. At our house, the former would be welcome, but the latter two would be a bit of an issue. We’d need to toss most of our furniture and knickknacks and other household items on the curb to make room. Either that or rent a warehouse.

When we last ordered tea (actually, on the day it was to arrive), we heard a “beep! beep! beep!” — that insidious sound that makes me cringe but that was made a requirement on trucks when they went in reverse as a warning to anyone nearby. A truck was backing up in our driveway. Could it be a huge tea delivery? Ack! My mind started thinking of what items to start hauling to the curb to make room for these new arrivals. And no, we weren’t being unrealistic. Shipping errors have been known to happen. An extra zero or two or three have been known to be added to that quantity of “5,” resulting in 50, 500, or even 5,000 arriving instead. Out jumped the truck driver and rang our front doorbell. He handed us a small package.

That’s it? A whole truck sitting in our driveway and this one small package of tea was all we got out of it? Dang! The shipping clerk seems to have been too efficient. No problem, though. Hubby and I will make the most of this one package of tea. It actually contained about 16 or 17 samples of various Indian teas, mostly Darjeelings but a couple of Assams, an oolong, and a silver needle version. We can’t wait to dig in and try them all.

From now on that “beep! beep! beep!” won’t make me cringe but instead evoke a Pavlovian response of high anticipation that more tasty teas are being delivered.

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