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January 31, 2013

  • Teddy Bears and Chocolates and Tea — Oh, My!

    A Valentine’s Day riddle: What’s plush and cuddly and sweet and hot and steamy? Answer: No, it’s not that… gee, people, this is a family-oriented blog! It’s a Valentine’s Day teatime with teddy bears and chocolates and tea! What better way to say “You’re my Sweetie” than with sweets and tea (no, that’s not another… Continue reading

  • In My Cups: Indian Clay

    I believe I’ve mentioned here once or twice that since 1998 I’ve been running an online chat group that over the years has attracted members from around the globe, from consumers to tea professionals. Some years ago the group was discussing disposable cups and the effects they have on the tea served in them. This… Continue reading

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