Tea and a Good Read — “A Dream of Daring” by Gen LaGreca

Hubby baked up a batch of Sticky Fingers apricot scones, piled some on a plate, and passed them to me. I steeped a pot of strong dark Assam and poured a cuppa, keeping the pot nearby for a refill. Ah, all set, time to dive in to the latest masterpiece from indie author Gen LaGreca: A Dream of Daring.

“A Dream of Daring” — a great read with your tea and scones! (Photo source: A.C. Cargill, all rights reserved)
“A Dream of Daring” — a great read with your tea and scones! (Photo source: A.C. Cargill, all rights reserved)

The novel starts with a conflict — a man’s passion for life and for his dreams versus paying respects to the dead. From there the plot weaves a tale that should have been what Gone With The Wind was about.

Where indie writers are concerned it is always a gamble. Some are strictly amateurs while others are consummate professionals. These pros give us polished writing, believable characters that you can love or hate, a plot that makes sense, action that you can visualize, and an outcome that flows from it all. Having read, LaGreca’s first novel, Noble Vision, I knew she was part of this pro category and was prepared to settle in and read a very professional and well-researched work. She did not disappoint.

From the first paragraph to the last, it was like sitting down to a gourmet yet not overwhelming feast. While some of the plot elements (a love triangle and professional rivalries) are not new, they were built on a solid foundation of a logical epistemology and philosophy of life, one that is positive but not full of doe-eyed utopianism.

Also, LaGreca’s description of the plantations, complete with slave quarters and free healthcare had an ominously familiar ring. Hm… free housing and the doctor there when you get sick. All to keep you “manageable,” as the author stated (per her research through the diaries of actual plantation owners). Interesting.

What keeps me manageable is that nice pot of hot tea that hubby steeped and that I sipped while reading. That rich, malty tasting CTC Assam, one that can take milk and a bit of sweetener, really kept me happy. And that plate piled high with fresh-baked scones assured that my reading was uninterrupted by hunger pangs. Considering what a page-turner this novel is, such provisions are a must.

Another great indie author whose work might not have seen the light of day but for the new publishing methods now available. Her book is available in both paperback and e-book format (Nook and Kindle). Don’t forget to steep up a tasty pot of your favorite tea to enjoy as you read.

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