Narrowing My Tea Options

It was a little less than a year ago that I wrote an article in these pages in which I sang the praises of a varied approach to tea drinking. Although at the time I was only alternating between green and black tea. After drinking one of these for a short time I found that I began to crave the other and vice versa.

Estate Tea Sampler - a great way to expand your tea variety. (Photo source: The English Tea Store)
Estate Tea Sampler – a great way to expand your tea variety. (Photo source: The English Tea Store)

Then, not so long ago, something changed. But before I get to that I’ll offer a thumbnail description of my evolution as a tea drinker. When I started out I had no idea what tea was, aside from the fact that it came in a bag, many of which were crammed into a box and available for a relative pittance at the grocery store. I had no idea that there was a significant difference between peppermint “tea” and the black stuff and I had no clue that there were a huge number of varieties of tea, some comparable in scope to the best vintages of wine.

All of which very gradually began to become apparent as I started writing about tea and began to look beyond the grocery store shelves. It took some time for me to realize just how vast the world of tea is and how many varieties are out there. I tried to taste as many of these as I could get my hands on and it didn’t hurt that I’d started a web site devoted to tea appreciation. As a result there were many merchants only too happen to send samples.

As time went by I began to realize that there were some types of tea I didn’t like as much. I drank a lot of white tea over the years and a fair amount of puerh but I never really found much that grabbed me in either of these types. I liked some oolong well enough but not so much that that I sought it out.

Which left black tea and green (skipping over the relatively rare yellow, for now), which pretty much comprised my entire world of tea, until recently. At which point, without really being aware that I was doing it, I narrowed my focus to black tea, which I’ve consumed almost exclusively for the last several months.

While I can’t put a finger on why this happened, I’d be willing to place a small wager that it might have something to do with the cooler winter weather and that as spring approaches I might revert to my previous pattern. Which is not to say that I’m breaking out the green tea just yet, although it doesn’t sound like such a bad idea for somewhere not too far down the road.

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