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Monthly Tea Gadget and Offbeat News Report V

These reports are a forum for discussing gadgets and offbeat tea-related news, but it seems that the coverage sometimes is slanted toward the former. So I’ll start things off this time around with what I thought was a decidedly offbeat bit of tea news. According to this article, it seems that black tea – in addition to being my own personal favorite type of tea for drinking – can be used to clean windows.

H.M. British Tea Colour Chart (Photo source: screen capture from site)
H.M. British Tea Colour Chart (Photo source: screen capture from site)

Who knew? The author of said article claims to have “steeped an extra-strong glass of simple black tea,” using three Earl Grey tea bags in eight ounces of water. The resulting concoction allowed her to create a veritable window wonderland. For my money that’s really about the only good use for Earl Grey tea, but I realize that such a comment is hardly appropriate and so I retract it.

Does bouncing your tea bag actually do anything substantial? I can’t take credit for coming up with the question and I wasn’t really wondering, thank you very much. But if you’ve ever found yourself musing about the science of bouncing teabags look at this article, where a so-called tea chemist does an in-depth analysis (math and physics alert – beware) of what bouncing can do for you.

I’m not sure what to make of this H.M. British Tea Colour Chart. It claims to be “intended for use as a visual aid in the correct preparation of the United Kingdom’s most popular hot beverage.” I’m not sure how hues such as Brown Zero, Nigerian Sunset and Mountain Chimp contribute to correct tea prep, but then I never claimed to know all that much.

This one’s not specifically related to tea, but since it has to do with the caffeine found in nearly all tea we’ll go with it. Apparently some plants use caffeine as an enticement to bees to come back around again and aid in the pollination process that helps plants keep going from one generation to the next. Make of that what you will.

As we come to the end of this report I find that I haven’t presented even one gadget. Which just won’t do. I’ll close with a fine gadget you might want to get for the tea lover who has everything except for a place to sit whilst contemplating the scope of their many possessions.

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