Weight Loss Tea: A Closer Look

I’ve been mumbling and grumbling about tea, health, and weight loss for years. I’m tired of hearing myself rant about the topic, but I’ll start by briefly restating my position. I acknowledge that there are many studies indicating that tea is good for you. There are even some that suggest that tea has a connection to weight loss.

Expensive miracle weight loss tea? Hm... (Photo source: stock image)
Expensive miracle weight loss tea? Hm… (Photo source: stock image)

Which is fine and good and I’m glad my beverage of choice might do me some good. But my primary interest in drinking tea is for the taste and everything else is superfluous. As for those people who want you to believe that tea effects miracle cures and melts the pounds away as you drink it, well, I hope you know better.

Every now and then I run across a site where they’re pushing some kind of miracle tea (usually plain old green or oolong, and I wager that it’s not the good stuff even) designed to boost health, burn fat, and whatnot. They typically make such outlandish claims and are so scammy looking that it’s laughable, but I can’t help wondering if they might convince some people who don’t know much about tea.

Just for fun I thought I’d briefly discuss one such site I ran across recently. It’s pretty much randomly chosen, and I’ll discuss it in vague terms and without naming names. For no other reason than what would be the point?

The first thing that strikes me about the site is that it looks kind of garish, but perhaps not overly so. The next thing I see is an intense focus on weight loss, though there is some cursory mention of health benefits. The product claims to be a blend of four teas (which must mean it’s four times as effective) but elsewhere it claims to simply be green tea. Later on in the proceedings it’s revealed that there’s also white tea and puerh in the mix.

Perhaps what grabbed me the most is how much effort – and text – was expended in an effort to sell, sell, sell, this amazing product. The home page unspools for what seems like an eternity, with paragraph after paragraph of the most astounding claims, interspersed with pleasant clip art images of pleasant looking people who have presumably shed the up-to-twenty-pounds-per-month the merchants claim is possible.

Then comes the punch line – the price – though I’d say it’s more like a punch in the gut. For a box of tea bags that I suspect are of similar quantity and quality to a mid-range brand that you’d buy at the grocery store (just an educated guess, mind you), you’re asked to shell out nearly fifty bills.

Which is a great bargain if this miracle product is all it claims to be and hey, they’ll even kick in for the shipping. Far be it from me to say this one’s not all it’s cracked up to be, but I think I’ll pass.

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