Stopping for Tea in Bremen, Germany

Image of Schnoor-Handelskontor tearoom (Photo supplied by article author)
Image of Schnoor-Handelskontor tearoom (Photo supplied by article author)

Should you find yourself wandering around Bremen in need of some tea, rest assured that there is a delightful place to stop. Bremen, a small city in north-western Germany, is an extremely walkable city, especially if you are spending most of your time in the cultural and historic centre of the city known as the Altstadt (Old Town). As such, if you are enjoying the many sites to be seen there, a good cup of tea will not be far away.

Located in the oldest part of the city, Schnoor-Handelskontor should manage to meet all of your tea needs. It is not only a tearoom. The merchandise section on the ground floor contains a small tea emporium selling loose leaf tea and just about any teaware or tea gadget you could need, as well as a section selling hand-made leather goods, clothing and accessories. An odd mix, perhaps, but each to their own!

Located on the upper floors is a tearoom/restaurant that serves food throughout the day as well as tea, cakes, and other delicious baked goods. The downstairs tea selection numbers over one hundred teas, and while they do not offer anywhere near that many on their menu (that would be quite an achievement!), there is still a wide selection of black, flavoured black, green, and herbal infusions. And yes, all are loose leaf!

The menu offers the most choice in black and flavoured black teas and since I was stopping by for breakfast, this suited me quite well. Feeling that I should try something unique to this tearoom rather than something I could find anywhere, I opted for “Bremer Mischung.” The name literally means “Bremen Mix” or “Bremen Blend”, and it is a blend of black teas from the Assam region. It was described to me as a light, fresh black tea, perfect for spring. After tasting it, I had to agree with this description.

The tea was served in beautiful blue and white ceramic wares (as was the delicious slice of cake that I ordered). But most impressively, it was served over a warmer. This is something definitely not seen in all tearooms, and it meant that I could take my time over my tea and not worry about it getting cold.

It was a clear and sunny, but slightly chilly morning, so I decided to enjoy my tea inside. Their tearoom looks out onto the beautiful gabled architecture of the Schnoor quarter. However, Schnoor-Handelskontor also have outside seating, which would be the perfect spot to enjoy your tea and some sun as the warmer months roll around!

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