Tea Developments, Monthly Report May 2013

Tea 2030 launches (screen capture from site)
Tea 2030 launches (screen capture from site)

Here’s a quick look at some tea developments that may not necessarily be new but are still not in the mainstream of tea drinkers’ awareness.

U.S. Tea Growers Expanding

Nigel Melican reports: “I now have positive responses from tea growers in eight US states – and many more potential growers – that’s marvellous [sic] in just 6 days.
The inaugural meeting of the US League of Tea Growers will be held at the World Tea Expo at 4:30pm on Saturday 8th June 2013. All interested parties are welcome.” Sounds fabulous! As a nation that still goes for coffee much more frequently than for tea, this is an amazing development.

Tea Flavor Enhancer Patent

Unilever, the company behind a very well-known brand of powdered and bottled tea, has filed an international patent for a process that creates tea juices to enhance the flavor of those tea powders and bottled teas. The tea juices are made with minimal processing and higher levels of bioactive compounds. Naturally, tea lovers are a tad…uh, well… up in arms, actually. Personally, I have to say that anyone who buys bottled teas or powdered instant teas has already opted to get less than a true tea experience. So, why should a flavor enhancer be a big deal?

Tea 2030 Project Launches

The Tea 2030 project is going to be exploring how the tea industry could change over the next 17 years. Leading stakeholders in the tea industry, from growers to producers to vendors) will be looking into the challenges facing them all. From drought to the push to give up crop saving pesticides to changing from manual harvesting to machine, tea growers face a lot of issues, and those issues ripple out to producers and vendors.

That’s it for this month. Will see what next month brings.

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2 thoughts on “Tea Developments, Monthly Report May 2013

  1. Thanks A.C for the US League of Tea Growers mention. We are open to anyone who is growing tea in the USA (even one plant) or who is remotely interested in promoting and supporting US tea growing – we think it is an idea whose time has come and we welcome anybody who shares our zeal and who will do their little bit to make it happen. The meeting is at 4.30pm on Saturday, June 8, 2013 at the World Tea Expo in Las Vegas, NV (Room N254).
    I note you picked up on my English spelling – I try to use American English for international communication but the odd English quirk, like doubling the ‘L’ in Travel to Travelling or Marvel to Marvellous, still creeps in occasionally.
    On 2030 I have been invited to contribute by interview and have attended two workshops so far. Not often that the tea industry is so far sighted and proactive as to consider events 17 years ahead. It is a sobering challenge for many to confront their potential commercial devils.

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