Monthly Tea Gadget and Offbeat News Report VII

It’s been a long time since I’ve used one of those tea infusers that you stuff with tea and stick into a cup of hot water. The consensus is that they’re not the best at making tea, since they don’t usually allow the water sufficient room to swirl around the leaves. I can buy that, but as a gadget category, however, novelty tea infusers are hard to beat. If I were organized enough I’d have kept track of all the ones I’ve reported on over the years – kind of a Hall of Fame of Novelty Tea Infusers. But I haven’t, so I’ll just direct you to the latest one I’ve run across. It’s a winner.

Inventors always seem to have a new gadget to deal with the mess and fuss of those squishy wet used tea bags – and they probably have been coming up with them for as long as there have been tea bags. But what about the age-old problem of the tea bag string that goes for a swim in your tea? That’s another fairly active tea gadget sub-category and you can see a recent solution to the problem here.

If you think of tea lights only as itty bitty candles (that are used for what?) then it’s time to expand your conception of the phrase a bit. From Pinterest, here’s a clever version of a chandelier made from various types of teaware that’s sure to clash with anyone’s décor. These teapot lights are certainly no less clever and they’re a little bit easier on the eyes, to boot.

For the upper-crust fan of all things tea and tea gadget-related let me direct you, with no delay, to what might be the ultimate such item. For a mere $3,099, you can lay your hands on an actual refrigerator that will dispense hot water for tea. At least that’s how this article bills it, although to be fair you could probably find a multitude of uses for that hot water.

There are settings (90 degrees for warm water, 150 degrees for cocoa, 170 degrees for tea, and 185 degrees for soup) that could conceivably used for different types of tea, but until there’s a model with the near boiling water that would be suitable for black tea, the good people at GE better not make any plans on how to spend my three grand.

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