The Diabolical Tea Plot

The title of this article may sound like the title of some cheap “potboiler” novel, but it is very much in earnest! There is a diabolical tea plot in our house, and I am exposing it as a warning to others. You may have a similar diabolical tea plot going on at your house and not even know it.

Caught in the act by Sneaky-cam 1000 while the teapot’s back was turned!
Caught in the act by Sneaky-cam 1000 while the teapot’s back was turned!

The first sign that this plot was underway came quite unexpectedly. My teacup was empty (no, that wasn’t the unexpected part — it happens on a fairly regular basis, something to do with me drinking tea in big gulps or some such reason). This prompted me to go refill it (no, this wasn’t the unexpected part either — I’m getting to it). I rise. I walk to the kitchen. I set down the empty teacup. I lift the teapot. It felt suspiciously light. Hmm… it had been full when I filled my teacup last time. And we’re not talking one of those cute little one-cup or two-cup teapots here. We’re talking about Betty, the blue six-cupper. It takes awhile to drain her to the dregs. So why was she empty?

Yes, folks, we reached the unexpected part of this tale.

It is unexpected that my six-cup teapot is almost empty after I have had only one cuppa tea from it. I eliminated one possible reason for this by examining Betty carefully for signs of leaks. She was intact. That left only one possibility: a diabolical tea plot in the offing. No other explanation seemed possible. But how to know for sure? Sneaky-cam 1000 (“Sneaky” for short) to the rescue.

Awhile back, “Sneaky” solved another mystery relating to a bit of a dispute between another of my teapots and a steeping mug. The teapot had a sash he would wear during tea reviews when another teaware was doing the actual tea steeping. It was to signify that he was supervising. He said it made him feel official. Well, that steeping mug liked the sash, too, and also wanted to feel official. So he would slip the sash on when that little teapot wasn’t looking, which would frustrate the little teapot. “Sneaky” saved the day by catching that steeping mug in the act. A picture is worth a thousand words.

Time for “Sneaky” to step up here and save the day before this diabolical tea plot goes any further. He got into position to await the perpetrator, the veritable fiend who was responsible for such heinous behavior.

I am very sorry to report that this time “Sneaky” fell asleep on duty (he says his batteries ran out of juice, but I heard the light snoring). My suspicion is that the diabolical tea plotter slipped him some chamomile tisane, guaranteed to make you relaxed and a bit drowsy. However, I did solve the plot: I was drinking more tea than I thought and just forgetting how many cups I’d had. At least, that’s what hubby tells me.

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2 thoughts on “The Diabolical Tea Plot

  1. PS MacMurray

    Ha! Taking responsibility is very commendable on your part, but it sounds more like Sneaky is covering up for someone else. Further investigation would be advised.

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