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My Rediscovery of Green Tea

Go green - tea, that is!! (ETS image)
Go green – tea, that is!! (ETS image)

I’m drinking green tea again. Yes, I know there’s probably no need to alert the national news media and so I’m going to hold off on the news conference for now. But bear with me while I explain why this seems worthy of mentioning.

I have never made any secret of my fondness for black tea. If I were marooned on a desert island (probably won’t happen) and could only take one type of tea with me, it would be black – no question about it. But for the longest time I found that after a long bout of drinking black tea I had to offset it with another bout of green tea. And then back to black – and so on.

Then something changed. You can read the whole thrilling story in my most recent paean to black tea, located here. But to summarize, I went through a very long period, I’m not sure how long, but many, many months, when I drank only black tea and didn’t really have any desire to switch over to green tea. I theorized that this might have something to do with the onset of cold weather, such as it is here in this balmy corner of Arizona.

There may actually be something to that, now that you mention it. It’s the Memorial Day weekend as I write this and though we haven’t hit the hundred degree mark yet that milestone will be here soon. Coincidentally – or perhaps not – after a long stint in which I drank absolutely nothing at all besides black tea, I was finally motivated to break out a batch of green and give it a whirl.

Which was just fine, thank you very much. But I still find myself drinking much more black tea than green, regardless of how balmy the weather. Even though I’m drinking green tea as I write this I’m feeling a distinct craving for black. I’m wondering if perhaps my tastes might have changed for good. Or is this just the tail end of one more tea-drinking phase that’s about to give way to the next one? I guess only time will tell.

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