Monthly Tea Gadget and Offbeat News Report 10

In the time I’ve been writing about tea I’ve run across my fair share of gadgets. Many of them are kind of blah and aren’t really worth mentioning in these columns. But there are always plenty that stand out from the pack. I have to confess to a fondness for those high-tech, sleek looking tea kettles and teapots, and I recently came across one that I’d consider the best in show. It’s called the Quattro and it’s an aluminum teapot mounted on a pivot of some sort that comes to us courtesy of designer Snezana Jeremic.

Sage Tea Maker (Yahoo! Images)
Sage Tea Maker (Yahoo! Images)

Speaking of sleek-looking and space-aged, there’s the Sage tea maker, which I mentioned in one of these columns not so long ago. It’s backed by celebrity chef Heston Blumenthal and doesn’t exactly come cheap. But if you’re in the market for one, or if you just want to read an in-depth review, take a look at this one. It concludes, “This is the perfect tea maker for those who are very precise about how they like their tea and, like Heston Blumenthal, are keen to turn it into an art form.”

Moving to a different type of design, the design of tea packaging, here’s an interesting variation on the theme that uses actually tea to create the designs themselves. In which artist and designer Andrew Gorkovenko created several paintings out of tea leaves, which were then used to illustrate the packaging for a tea brand called TripTea.

If you prefer to use tea to pretty yourself up or make yourself smell nice you’re in luck. According to fragrance industry suppliers Ungerer Limited, “food and beverage style scents inspired by the British tradition of afternoon tea will be a key driver in fragrance for 2014.” If you’re interested in tea’s potential benefits for your skin, take a look at the article from Beauty World News, called Beau-TEA Secrets: Steep Your Way To Skin Health.

Last up, a product that seems at first to have something to do with tea but on closer examination this might not be the case. It’s called Green Coffee Bean Matcha. If you’re like me and you thought that matcha was only a powdered green tea that comes from Japan you might find that a bit confusing.

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