Tea Moment — A New School Year Begins

Spice up that special back-to-school tea time with Jalapeno Tangerine Jam (ETS image)
Spice up that special back-to-school tea time with Jalapeno Tangerine Jam (ETS image)

Across the nation the school break for Summer is at an end, the backpacks have been filled with the requisite supplies (paper, pencils, pens, and more), and another nine months of “reading, writing, and ’rithmetic” begins. You, the parent, get your tea moment in what is now a relatively silent house. Which can be good and bad.

The good, of course, is being able to enjoy that wonderful tea without constant interruptions and without a background of “Mom, Tommy hit me!” and “Did not!” The bad, on the other hand, is that almost ponderous silence. So ponderous that you have to turn on a radio or the TV or start streaming a movie on Netflix. Even the sound of the neighbor’s lawnmower or those eternally whirring cicadas are now something to be cherished while you sip your tea. This is assuming, of course, that your are an at-home parent.

Make the most of this “alone time” with your cup (or even a whole pot) of tea and a suitable nibble or two. Imagine actually getting to drink your tea while it’s hot, not half cooled after you get back to it after you resolve the latest sibling fracas or bandage up the latest scraped knee or elbow. Imagine being able to eat more than just a bite of that batch of cookies you just baked. Hm, that might actually go in the “bad” column here.

A good line-up for that very special tea time, the first one all to yourself after the new school year begins:

  • A bold, brisk tasting tea to enliven your spirits. Options include: Double Bergamot Earl Grey Tea with its strong citrus flavoring mixing with those Indian and Ceylon tea leaves, Chai Green Tea where green gunpowder style tea embraces a host of Indian spices used in their masala chai (spiced tea), or a nice bit of Cinna-Vanilla Flavored Black Tea where black orthodox-style tea mixes with cinnamon and vanilla for a hot cuppa that’s even better with milk and a bit of sugar or other sweetener.
  • Some rich and decadent finger foods that will add to your enjoyment of the tea chosen, such as these: Cadbury Roses with a creamy flavor that reveals the higher milk content than in American chocolates, McVitie’s Milk Choc Hobnobs where rolled oats combine with other taste ingredients to form the perfect tea time snack, or even some toast with a tasty jam on it.
  • Some music of your choice and a good book to read, or maybe that movie on Netflix lined up and ready to watch.
  • Cozy seating for enjoying all of the above, maybe even in front of a window overlooking a nice part of your yard or the surrounding area, or you could enjoy the front porch, a deck, or even a setup in the backyard. The goal is comfort, at least for the duration of your tea time, so you don’t have to get up for anything.
  • Be sure to have your cell phone turned off and/or the answering machine turned on.

Cheers and don’t miss the kids too much. They’ll be back home, slamming doors and dropping textbooks and kicking off their shoes soon enough!

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