Tea for Three

A little while ago I wrote on article on tea for two, and since then I have ended up hosting tea for three people a few times. Tea for two is a fairly straightforward undertaking, but somehow I find tea for three can become unduly complicated. Maybe it’s that it’s harder for three people to agree on one tea, maybe it’s the size of my teapots, or maybe it’s just that I never seem to have the right amount of biscuits, but somehow a tea trio always seems to be a challenge.

Amsterdam 6-Cup Teapots (ETS Image)
Amsterdam 6-Cup Teapots (ETS Image)

We need to take a closer look at each issue:

  1. Agreeing on a tea — This can sometimes be a challenge for two people, but is usually easily resolved, either through compromise, or through deciding to make two separate pots. When a third person enters the equation, agreeing on a tea can become even more tricky. Hopefully your tea companions are amiable and easy going about their tea, and then a compromise can be reached. But if not, you may find yourself scrambling to find three separate teapots that will work, or else giving in to a tea suggestion you are not really keen on.
  2. Teapot sizes — I do not really have a teapot that is sized for three. Or at least, the one I have is supposed to be for three people, but somehow always it seems too small for the amount of tea that we want to drink. While it’s easy to brew up another pot, it might sometimes be easier just to start with two pots – in which case, having two pots of different tea to cater to different tastes might work perfectly!
  3. Biscuit Supplies — I do not usually consume biscuits with my tea, but when I have people over I like to get a few out, and make an occasion of it. That said, this means I have to make sure I actually have some around the house! Easier said than done, especially if the teatime is somewhat impromptu.

Of course, in reality, my tea companions are usually extremely amiable and easy going about their tea, so rarely is any of this ever a real problem. However, it does sometimes delay the tea a little as the various variables are worked out, and if I ever do have a fussy tea drinker over as part of a group, things could really get complicated!

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