Carving Out a Perfect Halloween Tea Time

Non-alcoholic Maynards Winegums are chewy enough to relax you. (ETS image)
Non-alcoholic Maynards Winegums are chewy enough to relax you. (ETS image)

Carving pumpkins is certainly part of the Halloween tradition, but so is carving out a perfect Halloween tea time. Whether you’ll be passing out treats to those kids who come ringing the front doorbell bedecked in traditional and/or more modern costumes or whether you’ll be avoiding the whole crush of trick-or-treaters, a special tea time is definitely needed. You can do one before that doorbell begins its incessant chiming or after. It all depends on if you need calming to face them or to recover.

The Before Trick-or-Treaters Calming Tea Time

Tea is said to calm and invigorate. So, steeling up with a potful before the big night just makes sense. You will stay calm but energized while continually responding to that doorbell, acting frightened by the costumes that are often more cute and grin- or giggle-inducing, and passing out the sugar treats. From Earl Grey, to Pumpkin Spice, to Russian Caravan, and hundreds of other choices, select your fave and steep it up hot and strong.

A nice treat or two will also be helpful. I’m partial to pie and cupcakes (not always eaten separately). You might want something more substantial like those cute tea time finger sandwiches, or some meat pasties, or fried chicken, or a slab of ribs…oh, boy, making myself hungry here! Or go for a “comfort food” that will keep you calm. A big helping of macaroni and cheese comes to mind here.

Whatever you do, stay away from that candy bowl. It’s for the kiddies.

The After Effects Recovery Tea Time

The candy bowl is empty (hopefully, or you’ll end up nibbling on whatever is left). The front light on your house is turned off. You can relax now and get back to a somewhat normal routine. But first, a nice recovery tea time is in order to relieve the trick-or-treat after effects. And what are those effects? Things like that “doorbell jump up” feeling of anticipation as you hear the kids coming closer or the “button poised over the pause button on the remote” hand freeze. And then there’s that constant feeling that you’re going to run out of candy too soon, otherwise known as “did I buy enough?” syndrome.

To relieve that jumpiness, major hand cramp, or constant worry have some tea. The act of steeping the tea will calm you. Holding a cup of warm tea in your hands will ease the muscle cramping. And deciding whether to have shortbread cookies or Jaffa cakes with your tea will get your mind off of the whole candy thing. So start that therapy session as soon as you can after the end of passing out those treats.

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