How to Have a Quiet Autumn Tea Moment

Maybe it’s the longer hours of darkness. Maybe it’s the cooler temperatures, especially at night. Or maybe it’s all the beauty of nature around us with the leaves changing colors against skies that are sometimes crisply blue and sometimes full of clouds thick and full like great wads of gray cotton. Whatever the reason, this time of year lends itself to those quiet tea moments, nice when you spend them alone but even better when shared with your special someone.

Sharing a slice of pumpkin swirl loaf and a couple of cups of Darjeeling! (Photo by A.C. Cargill, all rights reserved)
Sharing a slice of pumpkin swirl loaf and a couple of cups of Darjeeling! (Photo by A.C. Cargill, all rights reserved)

Creating such a quiet Autumn tea moment is a fairly simple and straightforward process.

  1. Set aside anything that you think just can’t wait for 15-30 minutes — there are actually very few things that “just can’t wait.” A major health issue would be one. Weeding the garden would not. Your flowers and vegetables will withstand the onslaught of dandelions, chickweed, and other unwanteds for the time your tea moment takes.
  2. Pick a suitable setting — preferably, this should be away from such distractions as TVs, computers, and even cell phones or other gizmos. No texting, catching up on your email, or posting photos on social media sites. Even if your moment is one all to yourself, it should truly be just that, free of intrusions from others in any form.
  3. Add mood-setting elements — since this is an Autumn tea moment, things like pumpkins and black cats seem very appropriate. In my case, the pumpkin is named “TCM” (short for “Texas Chainsaw Massacre”) and a bobble head cat statue along with a Fall leaf motif table runner and a vase filled with cinnamon sticks and a bit of fake foliage.
  4. Select a great tea — this is a perfect time to indulge in a special tea, one that you might not want to have every day, either because of its cost or extra fine nature, just the way you wouldn’t want rich foods every day.
  5. Select a special treat to go with the tea — pairing foods with teas is something of an art, but in this case your own tastebuds should be your guide. You can go with something sweet, something fairly healthy and low-cal, even something more substantial. Hubby and I went for a nice slice of pumpkin roll cake from the local grocery store and a nice Darjeeling tea.

Here’s hoping this will help you enjoy the change of seasons and ease the slide into Winter!

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