Tea Review – English Tea Store Black Peach

When I drink tea, I like to taste the tea and nothing else. Everybody has their own preferences and I’m not saying my way is better than anyone else’s. But I like my tea untainted by any such substances as milk, sugar, lemon, sauerkraut (just seeing if you’re paying attention) and the like – the usual suspects. That goes for flavors too. I drank some flavored varieties back when I was first getting into tea but as time went on my interest in those began to fall by the wayside.

Tea Review - English Tea Store Peach Black Tea (photo by William I. Lengeman, III, all rights reserved)
Tea Review – English Tea Store Peach Black Tea (photo by William I. Lengeman, III, all rights reserved)

Except for peach, oddly enough. As I recall it, way back in the early days I used to drink a peach-flavored black tea that was a made by a fairly well-known tea company and so the notion that peach-flavored black tea was a good thing has somehow stuck with me.

So I thought that I would give the English Tea Store’s peach-flavored black tea a spin. The first thing that struck me, upon opening the package, was the small size of the leaves and pretty much a total absence of a peach aroma. Neither of which is necessarily a bad thing, mind you. I adjusted for the smaller leaves by dialing back on the water temperature just a bit and not steeping the leaves quite as long as I would for a black tea with fuller leaves.

The end result was quite nice, thank you very much. The Tea Store’s site doesn’t offer much in the way of specifics about the tea or the flavoring agents but I’d give them points on both counts. One thing that I did find was that the peach component was a bit much for my likes. However, I tend to prefer that such things are very subtle (a little dab’ll do you) and so I suspect that many tea drinkers won’t share my feeling on this point. Besides, it was easy enough to resolve this by simply mixing in equal measures of a plain black tea with the flavored and thus getting that low-key peach goodness that I sought.

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2 thoughts on “Tea Review – English Tea Store Black Peach

  1. Bruce A

    The Peach Black Tea makes an excellent iced tea, as does the Peach Apricot. Mixing it with some of the Lady Londonderry is good too. We usually make a combination of either Peach with some black to get a stronger black tea flavor (Scottish Breakfast, Assam, Terajulie are favorites) or mixed with the Peach Apricot and Lady Londerry or various combinations like… some Mango flavored black tea…

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