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Harney Guide to Tea (screen capture from site)
Harney Guide to Tea (screen capture from site)

Though the focus here is (obviously) on recent and upcoming tea books every once in a while I like to mention one that’s been around for a while. I mentioned this one here about four years ago but I thought I’d throw it out there again. You may have read reviews of Harney & Sons tea in these pages or the profile of “Harney” located here. A few years back, one of the sons – Michael – wrote The Harney & Sons Guide to Tea, a worthwhile entry in a rather crowded field of Tea 101 type books.

I have to admit that I’ve never attended an afternoon tea, so books on the topic aren’t usually at the top of my reading list. But I’m aware that there are many tea fans who feel differently and thus who might be interested in the recently released Maw Broon’s Afternoon Tea Book (Scots Edition), by none other than Maw Broon. Who, as I did not know before now, got her start as a member of a fictional comic strip family featured in Scottish newspapers.

Also recently released, A Cathedrals, Coffee and Tea Tour: The Guide That Refreshes Both Your Soul and Your Palate, by Simon Duffin. Who has already written a pair of guides to tea and coffee houses in the UK and the United States. This volume promises to take you “on a whistle-stop tour of 110 of the UK’s cathedrals and suggests the best place to go for a tea, coffee and cake afterwards.”

The 240th anniversary of the Boston Tea Party is approaching and it seems that there’s a never-ending flow of books on the topic, many of which are geared toward younger audiences. One of the latest is We Were There at the Boston Tea Party, by Robert N. Webb, which looks to be aimed at young adults. In this volume, says the publisher, “a brother and sister carry secret messages to Sam Adams, Paul Revere, and other patriots.”

Last up for this report, a look at the Irish love affair with tea – and they are among the world’s greatest tea lovers, mind you. All of which is commemorated in Put on the Kettle: Ireland’s Love Affair With Tea, by Juanita Browne. Among those contributing to the volume, a number of public figures who are probably better known to an Irish readership than to yours truly.

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