Seasonal Tea Flavors from Top Brands

Get into the Spirit of the Season! (ETS image)
Get into the Spirit of the Season! (ETS image)

Every year around this time the various name brand teas come out with specially flavored teas to fit the holiday mood in the air. We present a few that can get you started.


  • Christmas Tea — A gift in a teabag! Great either on its own or with milk and sugar. The blend starts with black teas and adds cinnamon and cloves, two flavors so plentiful this time of year. Satisfy your cravings with this low-cal cuppa!

Harney & Sons

Generations of Harneys are carrying on the tradition of their yearly teas flavored perfectly for the season:

  • Holiday Tea — The joys of the season steam forth from this China black tea with its cinnamon, cloves, almond, and citrus flavorings. They will lift your spirits on a cold Winter’s morning, during that holiday meal, or any other time you need a hot and flavorful cuppa.
  • Herbal Holiday — Soothe your jangled nerves after all that rushing about shopping and decorating and mailing out those gifts and greeting cards. Rooibos (an herbal sometimes called “red tea”) combines with spices, almonds, and citrus flavors. Sip and relax and inhale the wonderful aromas. You’ll have pleasant dreams and wake refreshed for the next day.


They go all out this time of year with special teas, so we are featuring a few of their most popular:

  • Christmas Eve Herbal — Twas the night before Christmas and you needed some tea, but with all that caffeine no sleep there would be, so an herbal all spicy is what you steep up and sip very calmly from that quite hot cup. Just a bit of poetry to go with this blend of hibiscus, orange peel, rosehips, lemongrass, peppermint, star anise, ginger root, cinnamon, and natural flavors.
  • Christmas Morning Black Tea — Rise and shine and enjoy a stimulating cup of this special black tea, so good that you’ll have to have some before getting to those gifts under the tree. Try the loose leaf version with its blend of black teas, oolong, and jasmine green tea.
  • Holiday Chai Black Tea — Crank it up a notch with this version of the classic Indian style tea known in the U.S. simply as “chai.” Premium black teas are sparked by spices so typical of this style of tea, from nutmeg to cardamom. They added in a couple of extras — gingerbread and rum. Sip it by itself of add in milk and sugar for a more authentic experience.
  • Moroccan Mint Green Tea — One of the flavors of the season is mint, as conveyed in those candy canes seen everywhere. In this case, both spearmint and peppermint give that refreshing zing to green tea and mix with ginger root and lemongrass. Sure to make you merry!

A cup of any of the above teas is truly a present to yourself during this busy time of year. Enjoy!

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