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Monthly Tea Gadget and Offbeat News Report 13

Assam Tea Bags (ETS image)
Assam Tea Bags (ETS image)

There are a couple of themes that seem to crop up now and then when it comes to gimmicky tea-related stuff. One is using tea in one way or another to make some sort of art and the other is using tea to make or flavor beer or spirits. The latter is a topic I wrote about a few years ago, but it’s a notion that also cropped up recently in the Scottish press.

Which tells of a collaboration between two firms – Eteaket and Barney’s Beer – to come up with a few tea-flavored beers. The first of which – a chili Rooibos blend – didn’t turn out so well. Imagine that. Two other experiments – a Smoky Lapsang Porter and a Breakfast Brew – apparently turned out quite a bit better and you can read more about it all here.

As for that art project, here’s a tale from the British press, of an American artist who paints with tea – literally – though his palette also includes coffee. The impressive works – some of which are showcased in the article – are said to take several months each and the Pennsylvania-based artists claims to use flavored teas from around the world on his canvasses.

But let’s get on to the gadgets now. The German firm known as Finum make a rather distinctive line of tea and coffee accessories and their curiously named Traveler Zita is an interesting addition to that line. If I understand it correctly it’s a tumbler that allows for tea to be conveniently steeped on the go (though I’m sure they wouldn’t object if you used it at home) with a simple twist of the lid preventing the tea leaves from being oversteeped.

Time magazine suggested recently Lazy Tea Drinkers Will Soon Be Able to Boil Water With Their iPhone. But that’s a slightly deceptive headline, if I do say so myself. I’m pretty sure Apple hasn’t come up with a phone yet that actually boils water. What they meant to say is that you can use your phone to initiate the water boiling process on a device that’s been dubbed the iKettle, which can be had for a mere $160. I’m going to hazard a guess that lazy coffee drinkers and lazy hot chocolate drinkers can also make use of it.

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