5 Essentials for That Tea Gift Basket

Awhile back I mentioned that It’s Not Too Early to Order Those Holiday Gift Baskets. If you didn’t get the job done then, never fear — it’s not too late! Just be sure you include these 5 essential items to make that gift basket a real winner:

1 A Basket

Duh! Thought I’d start with the most obvious item. And by “basket” I am referring to a range of items that get wider every year and creative minds come up with more and more options.

Holiday Gift Basket - Splitwood Tub with Tree (ETS image)
Holiday Gift Basket – Splitwood Tub with Tree (ETS image)

There are woven straw or wood baskets, metal buckets, sleighs (both woven straw and metal ones), and a plethora of wood, ceramic, and other materials being used in an array of shapes. Your giftee will be keeping this item long after its contents are gone, so choose wisely. One of my faves (limited quantity): Holiday Gift Basket – Splitwood Tub with Tree.

Keemun Panda Tea (ETS image)
Keemun Panda Tea (ETS image)

2 Tea

Okay, another no-brainer, but you’d be amazed at how many tea gift baskets contain everything but tea! Or the tea is of a very inferior sort. Select some better quality teas, keeping in mind the preferences of your giftee or perhaps a way to treat them to an enhanced tea experience, kind of elevating their tea consciousness, as it were. Something special like Ti Kuan Yin Iron Goddess Oolong Tea – Loose Leaf, Golden Pu-erh Tea – Loose Leaf, or Jasmine Dragon Tears Green Tea – Loose Leaf Pouches. I would personally be very thrilled to receive and of these: Scottish Breakfast Tea – Loose Leaf Pouches, English Breakfast Blend No. 1 Tea – Loose Leaf Pouches, Borengajuli Estate Tea – Loose Leaf Pouches, Tarajulie Estate Tea – Loose Leaf Pouches, and Keemun Panda China Black Tea – Loose Leaf Pouches (just to name a few).

 (ETS image)
(ETS image)

3 Appropriate Treats

Certain special treats not only go well with tea but are very appropriate for the holiday season. Mince pies (I can’t get enough of them!), gingerbread, British style puddings, Christmas Crackers and Cakes, and special candies like Nestle Quality Street are but a few of the options facing you. Choose wisely based on what you know of the giftee. Beware of special dietary concerns (gluten allergy, diabetes, etc.). Personally, I’d go for the O’Haras Iced Fruit Slab Christmas Cake – yum!

4 A Special Teapot and/or Mug

Happy Holidays Mug (ETS image)
Happy Holidays Mug (ETS image)

Okay…okay…another no-brainer, but you’d be amazed how many tea gift baskets are missing this essential feature. I mean, really, if your giftee is new to tea, he or she won’t even own a teapot and may not have a mug that isn’t stained with coffee (having worked in a food service at university, I saw lots of such mugs and tried fruitlessly to de-stain them). Plus, that teapot or mug should have a holiday-themed design to add a bit of the proper “Ghost of Christmas Present” spirit that Dickens wrote about.

5 Lots of Love!

Bows on that basket can say “Here’s lots of love for you!” (From Yahoo! Images)
Bows on that basket can say “Here’s lots of love for you!” (From Yahoo! Images)

Bet you didn’t see that one coming! But it is truly the secret ingredient of a good tea gift basket … or of any gift, for that matter. Ribbons and bows are just one way to express this sentiment. They shine and even sparkle and convey a very uplifting spirit. Of course, giving that giftee an nice big hug when you present your tea gift basket says a lot, too.

So now you know. Time to get shopping! Or leave a hint for someone else to give you a tea gift basket. Ho, ho, ho!

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