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Teapot Styles — Objectified Designs

The limits of the human imagination seem so large as to be practically universal (that is, virtually endless and hugely immense), and when coupled with people’s love of tea and their knowledge and skill in ceramics, you end up with some rather unique, fun, and often quirky teapots. The basics (spout, body, handle, lid) are all there but shaped a bit differently. They’re sure to liven up any tea time. Let’s check out some designs based on common objects:

Kitchen Stoves

A popular object to be done as a teapot seems to be the kitchen stove. Designs sure popped up frequently enough during my online search. And they aren’t the new, fancy-mancy, overpriced stainless steel, feature-laden models of today. They are the ones we get all nostalgic about but that were actually so tricky to use that they took a really skilled cook to keep from burning things while getting them fully done. And the tops of these stove-shaped teapots, where the pots and pans should be, are often crammed full of other things, like this one with a pasta maker, pepper mill, pizza, and more:

Kitchen Stove Teapots (Via Yahoo! Images)
Kitchen Stove Teapots (Via Yahoo! Images)

Other Household Items

Toasters, alarm clocks, vanity tables, desks full of clutter, beds, and bathtubs are some of the household items immortalized as teapots. The everyday and mundane become teaworthy vessels (hee!) and lend an aura of yesteryear with every cuppa. They are decorative on the shelf, and some can even be used for steeping and serving tea.

Household Items Teapots (Via Yahoo! Images)
Household Items Teapots (Via Yahoo! Images)

Vehicles, Objects, and Structures

The racing car teapot and the travel trailer teapot are just two examples of teapots that are really going places. A pink purse, a wicker basket with an old-time movie camera on top, upright pianos (complete with piano seats), the iconic British red call box (phone booth), an espresso machine, a lighthouse, and much more can be found to use to steep up your tea and serve it while bringing you a smile!

Piano Teapots (Via Yahoo! Images)
Piano Teapots (Via Yahoo! Images)


Cats are rather popular with tea drinkers, if the postings I see online are any indicator. This Chester the Cat Teapot not only appeals to the feline side of our natures but brings to mind such tea parties as that one hosted by The Mad Hatter in Alice in Wonderland. Horses, dogs, fish, frogs, ladybugs, and other members of the fauna clan are also featured. No matter your taste and inclination, you will find a furry friend (or scaly or slimy) from which to pour your tea.

Chester the Cat Teapot (ETS image)
Chester the Cat Teapot (ETS image)

Whichever design you choose, your tea time will certainly be a special one!

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