A Look at Artistic Tea Commercials

Maybe you’ve noticed or perhaps not, but there’s a wonderful world of tea videos and commercials out there. It’s easy to access nowadays with video sharing sites everywhere, and it’s especially interesting to see what tea commercials you might have missed if you don’t watch much TV or don’t live in a country where a certain ad campaign might have aired.

Videos about how to enjoy tea are becoming more popular, too. (ETS image from one of their videos)
Videos about how to enjoy tea are becoming more popular, too. (ETS image from one of their videos)

When it comes to style, tea commercials run the gamut. Based on my unscientific observations, it seems like the most common and the most popular of the bunch are the funny ones. But there are also many that attempt to get their message across in a more artistic fashion. Here are a few of the highlights:

Twinings Animated
As you’ll see, several of the choices on this list are from the venerable old British tea company known as Twinings. They do their fair share of marketing, as any large firm is likely to do and several of their efforts are particularly worth noting for their artistry. Like this animated commercial that first aired a few years ago.

Twinings Art of Tea
Here’s one from Twinings that takes the notion of artistry quite literally. The artist portrayed in the video is said to have actually used Twinings tea as their medium to create a rather eye-catching piece of art.

Twinings Infusions
Perhaps even more eye-catching and offbeat is this Twinings commercial that features another artist working with their tea, but in a decidedly different way. There’s no substitute for seeing it, so let’s just say that the medium in this case is a cup of tea – or hundreds of them – and leave it at that.

Tea India Painter
Not actually a commercial, it would seem, but thematically it’s related to the two commercials mentioned above. As nearly as I can tell, it appears that the artist in this case is using tea, in yet another way, to create his work of art.

Yorkshire Animated
Quite a few makers of tea commercials have turned to animation to get their point across. A good example would be this rather lyrical 30-second spot that sings the praises of Yorkshire Tea.

F&N Seasons Tea
Canned tea doesn’t ever make it onto my shopping list, but here’s an interesting addition to this list of innovative tea commercials from an Asian company. It’s a short one, but it’s a rather pleasing 20 seconds for your eyes.

Spring Tea – Israel
It pretty much goes without saying that tea and water go hand in hand. As we’ve noted at this site before, water is a critical part of the tea experience. But in the case of Spring Tea, a bottled brand that hails from Israel, water is also an integral part of their commercial for the product. I won’t spoil it, so see for yourself.

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