How Many Cozy Styles Are There?

A variety of styles and designs. Thousands more are available. (Composite image)
A variety of styles and designs. Thousands more are available. (Composite image)

One of the most effective ways to keep your teapot warm during tea time is the cozy. And there are so many different designs that you are sure to find one that best adds just the right touch to your tea time table. This array of designs can be divided into several styles.

Dome Cozies

These are sized to sit over the entire teapot and are lifted off when people need to pour tea. The disadvantage is that the tea in the pot can get a bit cool while the cozy is off. The advantage is all the cute designs and embellishments possible. From animal shapes to cottages, from buttons to ribbons, both quilted and knitted, and in all colors of the rainbow. Plus, as comedian Billy Connolly said, they make great hats.

Snuggie Cozies

The snuggie cozy is one where the teapot sits in it and the top is cinched to hold it around the teapot. You can pour tea without removing the cozy – a big advantage. However, designs are more limited than with the dome style. Plus, they may or may not cover the teapot lid.

Wrap Cozies

These are similar to the snuggie style, but they cover the top of the pot whereas the snuggie might not. Again, you can leave it on while pouring your tea. And a wide variety of designs are available.

Pullover Cozies

Usually knitted, these cozies are pulled over the top of the teapot, sort of like a pullover sweater. Some have an opening for the teapot top and others don’t. This style can also be left on the teapot when you pour the tea. They sometimes have pompons on top or are in different styles such as a bug-eyed snail.

Suitcase/Basket Cozies

Some cozies are constructed like a basket or a suitcase (aka “carriage”) where you put the teapot in it, and close the lid or fold up the sides together.

Whichever style you go for and whichever design and colors, may it add that certain something to your tea time!

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