What Your Tea Says About You II

Whatever your tea says about you, we have the best comeback! (ETS image)
Whatever your tea says about you, we have the best comeback! (ETS image)

In part one of this series, I took a look at a recent article in the British press. The writer tried to draw connections between certain types of people and the tea they drank. It was a fairly Brit-centric way of looking at things but as it turns out judging a person by the tea company they keep is a pastime that a few other commentators have engaged in. Here are some of the highlights.

For an Australian perspective on things, check out What Your Cup of Tea Says About You, an article from the Australian Times, which is actually a publication for Aussies living in the UK. The writer states that “for most Aussies, drinking a cup of tea is like shopping for anti-fungal cream – it’s not something that you would want your mates to see you doing,” though he doesn’t really elaborate on exactly what this means.

The article goes on to profile various types of tea drinkers, based on the tea they prefer. Black tea lovers are said to be simple people with simple needs, while green fans are “health conscious and alternative.” White tea lovers are cool trend setters while Earl Grey drinkers could possibly be thought of as a bit hoity toity. As for English Breakfast drinkers, which are really just another type of black tea fan, they are “constantly disappointed that your tea doesn’t taste more like eggs, bacon and black pudding.”

In the article called What Does Your Choice of Tea Say About You, a black tea drinker is likened to “the coffee-drinker of the tea world.” It’s said to be a choice that reflects “your own assertiveness and ability to see the finer details that can easily escape your more distracted peers.” Green tea drinkers, on the other hand, are possessed of the “fresh, calming energy” and supposedly “keep your cool even when things are crazy.”

For an offbeat twist on this topic, here’s an article from UK-based careers site called What Your Choice Of Tea Says To Employers About Your Personality. For some thoughts on how the other half lives, here’s an article called What Your Coffee Reveals About Your Personality.

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