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Give That Lurking Tea a Test

We’ve all been there: there’s that tin of tea lurking at the back of your cupboard, boldly asserting its continued existence as you make a quick grab for your favourite teas at the front of the shelf. This lurker is the tea that you thought you were going to love but somehow never quite managed to enjoy properly, the tea that you were given as a gift and never opened, the tea that is almost the same the one you drink all the time, except not as good…

There comes a turning point with these teas, when you can no longer abide their silent skulking. Or maybe it’s just because you’ve run out of space on the shelf. In any case, there comes a point when you need to decide how to deal with these un-drunk teas. If it’s a tea you are convinced you just do not like, you may opt to throw it away, with no regrets.

The Tea Taste by Elise Nuding, all rights reserved
The Tea Taste by Elise Nuding, all rights reserved

However, sometimes it’s more complicated. Perhaps you are one of those people who feel guilt-ridden whenever they throw things away unnecessarily.  Whatever the reason, you may find yourself having to submit this unloved tea to The Tea Test; that is, you may have to try it.

The Tea Test can be a dodgy business, especially if the tea has been sitting on that shelf for a while. Is the tea still good for drinking? Did that tea tin do its job? There is only one way to find out—after all, what’s the worst that could happen? A bad cup of tea? Granted, this is a sorry affair, and if the tea is no longer drinkable because it’s sat there too long, it will have to head for the bin. However, you might also find that the tea is still perfectly fresh and drinkable. What’s more, you might even enjoy it! After all, for many of us, tea tastes do change…

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One response to “Give That Lurking Tea a Test”

  1. A tea that I’d found too strong on first try sat neglected until my daughter visited and asked to try it. Turns out I now love it and stock it regularly!

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