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Autumn: Tea, Scones, and Pumpkin!

Break out the tea kettles teaapke1000033268_-00_ovente-electric-glass-kettle-1-5-liters-red_1and tea cozies! Autumn is finally here after a long and brutal summer! Back in June, I compared and contrasted how British and Americans take their tea during the summer. While most Americans drink their tea iced during the hot summer months, the British stick to tradition and continue to enjoy their tea hot. With Autumn, or Fall, as some call it, the weather finally begins to cool down enough for a nice hot cuppa tea and some hot, fresh baked goodies. The leaves change into beautiful colors while some cool rain may fall along with the leaves.

Tea is already a very comforting beverage but when you mix it with the things you affiliate with Autumn, it’s even better! Autumn in the United TEACKCK1000016677_-00_Scone-Mix-Pumpkin-Cranberry-15ozStates is already associated with the smells of cinnamon and maple. Then there are apples and pumpkins being harvested. A good population of Americans like to think of Fall as a cozy time, which is possibly why they list Autumn as their favorite holiday (next to Spring/Summer, of course).

All this talk of Fall makes me want to enjoy tea all over again. Since summer has ended, many people have returned to their normal lives, so it’s nice to take a break and catch up with them to enjoy a good cup of tea and a freshly baked pumpkin cranberry scone, straight from your oven. Try some cinnamon tea like Harney and Sons Cinnamon spiced tea for a good kick of cinnamon and warmth or Stash Pumpkin Decaf.

More Autumn here on the blog soon!

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