Winter Survival: Part I

The temperatures are dropping and the weather will certainly begin to get frightful. Winter’s coming and it’s usually not the favorite season for most people, but if you enjoy a hot cup of tea, it’s the right time! Or if you enjoy any of the common winter food and drink, winter should be a breeze.

FBEV_CADDC17_-00_Cadbury-Drinking-Chocolate-17oz-500gWhile the British stick to their traditional hot cuppa tea, many Americans prefer to a cup of hot chocolate (or hot cocoa), mostly because of sweet chocolate taste that we are adapted to. It’s usually made with milk or water (the instant made with water), and enjoyed with a few marshmallows or some whipped cream. Recently, some flavors have become popular along with plain hot chocolate, like cherry, mint, or even white chocolate,  making it even more indulgent. Nestle and Swiss Miss are popular brands in the US but Cadbury makes their own drinking chocolate which you make with milk and is pure heaven in a cup! (Did you know that chocolate was first enjoyed in hot, liquid form?)

Not a fan of hot chocolate? Are you more of a fruit fan? Why not try a hot apple cider? It’s easy to make and it’s delicious all through Autumn and Winter and very fruity! It can be confused with hard cider which is alcoholic, but apple cider is non-alcoholic. Sometimes the hot version can be flavored with mulling spices. Traditionally, apple cider with mulled spices are enjoyed during both Autumn and Winter and are made with cinnamon, cloves, allspice, nutmeg, anise, or however you fancy it. I will write more information later on mulling spices.

Along with tea, the British drink a hot malted drink called Horlick’s, which was invented by two brothers. Although they were British, Horlick’s Malted drink was actually invented in the United States in the 1800s! It was originally called “Diastoid” but was later changed to reflect the last name of the brothers, which was Horlick. Now how to make this drink is a little different. The package says to mix 3-4 teaspoons with just a bit of water and make a paste. Pour in 200ml of hot milk and enjoy! You can also make this in the microwave but pour the same amount of cold milk, microwave for 1 minute, stir, microwave for 30 more seconds, stir and enjoy!

Next time: Surviving Winter with Food!

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