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Superfood – Blood Pudding

Have you ever heard of a superfood? Every year, there seems to be a new trend of “superfoods” that becomes a craze amongst the masses. These superfoods are super because there is a health benefit to them, such as protein, antioxidants, or probiotics, only in large quantities. In a world of acai berries, quinoa, and kale, I was surprised to learn earlier this month that black pudding was now considered a superfood.

Now what exactly is black pudding? It is generally a sausage, made with pork, onions, herbs, spices, barley, oats, and here’s the twist, pig’s blood. I know, it sounds very…off…but it has been a part of the British breakfast for centuries. What’s it’s super benefit? It is said to have both high iron and protein, plus low in carbohydrates. There is also white pudding, which is almost the same as black pudding but omits the pig blood.

While most Americans are just heGrinners_breakfastaring of blood pudding, the British eat it in their everyday lives. It’s role is very essential in a traditional full English breakfast. Eggs, sausages (and not the little breakfast sausages we’re used to, we’re talking about bangers!), bacon, mushrooms, tomatoes, fried bread, and beans, usually the baked beans from Heinz. Sometimes kippers, a type of fish, is also added. A nickname for this breakfast is also a Fry-Up. While this breakfast sounds a bit much, it’s typically not eaten every day. It’s usually reserved for weekends or special occasions.

Not only is black pudding eaten in Britain, Ireland (where it is known as drisheen), and Scotland, but it is also eaten in other countries. It is eaten as blood sausage in Eastern Europe, Sweden, France, and Italy. As someone who has tried blood sausage (Polish version), I am hoping for blood pudding’s debut in the United States as a regular staple in supermarkets.

Now for the next superfood trend, let’s hope blackcurrants become the next “IT” food!


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