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How To: Pack Teaware to Move



Just a year ago, I moved from one house to another. Now a year later, the time has come for me to move again. The only difference is the last move, I had moved just a few streets over. This time, I am moving to a whole new state. One of my major concerns is how to get my mugs and tea kettle safely to its new destination. Today, we will explore ways to help prepare your teawares and more for your new home.



Whether your teawares are made from ceramic, glass, or bone china, these must be handled very carefully so they do not break or shatter during transport. One thing you can do is wrap your mugs in bubble wrap or any other type of cushioning (like packing paper) that would keep your teawares from breaking during transit. If using a paper material to wrap your cups or mugs, always use several layers so it has a good amount of protection. It is also best to fill the spaces in the box with crumpled newspaper or packing peanuts and have a layer of bubble wrap on the bottom. Tape the box closed and be sure to write FRAGILE on the outside!


Tea Kettle

This is one thing I definitely must pack! One key thing to do is to clean your kettle up before packing, especially if it was sitting for awhile before packing it. If your kettle has limescale in it (limescale is a mixture of calcium carbonate and magnesium carbonate caused by the dissolution of hard water at high temperatures), the best thing to do would be to descale your kettle. You could always buy descaling solution but since that is not easily available, you could use products you have in your kitchen cupboard. This link will tell you how to descale your kettle in just a few simple steps. As for packing the kettle, if you have the original box it came in, you would be set. However, your kettle box could get lost. You can always get a small box from moving companies or big box (ha) stores. Pack your kettle in extra cushioning like bubble wrap, packing peanuts, or packing paper.



As always, any tea you have should be packed with you if you plan to keep it and use it in your new place. You can pack them in any special containers, like a tea chest or canister. You can also pack them with any groceries you take with you to your new place, if they are unopened.



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